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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011The Implications of Multimodality for Media LiteracyLim, Sun Sun ; Nekmat, Elmie ; Nahar, Siti Nurharnarni 
2010The influence of social and cultural factors on mothers' domestication of household ICTs - Experiences of Chinese and Korean womenLim, S.S. ; Soon, C.
Mar-2005The Practicality of TheoryLim, Sun Sun 
2008The promise of ICTs in Asia: key trends and issuesLim, Sun Sun ; Sison, Raymund C.; Kim, Dong-Yeob
2002The role of the media in shaping public debate on science and technologyLim, Sun Sun 
2010The salience of cognitive styles in youths’ search and evaluation of online information: Implications for Internet literacyNekmat, Elmie ; Lim, Sun Sun 
Sep-2006The ‘Pavlovian Reflex’ in StudentsLim, Sun Sun 
2008Transforming Technologies: Altered Selves — Mobile phone and Internet use in the PhilippinesLim, Sun Sun 
2010Virtual worlds as a site of convergence for children’s playLim, Sun Sun ; Clark, Lynn Schofield
Jun-2010Walled-In, Reaching Out: Benefits and Challenges of Migrant Workers’ Use of ICTs for Interpersonal CommunicationThomas, Minu; Lim, Sun Sun 
2014Women, ‘double work’ and mobile media: The more things change, the more they stay the sameLim, Sun Sun 
2009Young People and the Digital Divide – An ethnographic study of media-have-less youthsLim, Sun Sun 
2010‘Your phone makes you, you’: Exploring the youth script in teen magazine representations of mobile mediaLim, Sun Sun 
2007Youth and New Media - Exploring, Consuming, Producing, Information Revolution and Cultural Integration in East AsiaLim, Sun Sun 
2008Youth and New Media: Exploring, Consuming, ProducingLim, Sun Sun 
2008Youth and Online Gambling: Uncovering the propensity for addiction through understanding the motivations and gratifications of online bettingNekmat, Elmie ; Lim, Sun Sun 
2004Youth, Media and the Asian Family: Contextualising our Understanding, Understanding our ContextLim, Sun Sun 
Jan-2012Youth, Politics and Social Media in Southeast Asia: Trends, Events and ImplicationsVadrevu, Shobha; Lim, Sun Sun