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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Learning through 'prosuming': Insights from media literacy programmes in AsiaLim, S.S. ; Nekmat, E. 
2008Living in a new media world: Comparing media-use diaries of the media-haves and media have-less in SingaporeLim, Sun Sun 
Jan-2013Managing peer relationships online - Investigating the use of Facebook by juvenile delinquents and youths-at-riskLim, S.S. ; Chan, Y.H. ; Vadrevu, S.; Basnyat, I. 
2009Marketing Mobile Media to Teens in Singapore – Uncovering the ‘Youth Script’Lim, Sun Sun 
2013Media and Peer Culture: Young people sharing norms and collective identities with and through mediaLim, Sun Sun 
2009Media Education in Singapore – New Media, New Literacies?Nekmat, Elmie; Lim, Sun Sun 
2010Mediating intimacies, bridging distances – The use of ICTs in intra-family communicationLim, Sun Sun 
Apr-2014Mobile Communication in Asia: Issues and ImperativesLim, Sun Sun ; Goggin, Gerard
2012Mobile intimacy in an age of affective mobile mediaHjorth, L.; Lim, S.S. 
2010‘Mobile phones are just like our hands and legs’– the use of mobile phones by disabled persons in ChinaLin, Jin; Lim, Sun Sun 
2008‘Must-have makeup, fashion and gizmos: Teen magazine representations of girls’ technology useLim, Sun Sun 
2007New media and the Singaporean: Rediscovering the lost art of media literacyLim, Sun Sun 
Jun-2010New media and youth crime – findings from expert interviewsLim, Sun Sun 
Jul-2008New Media And Youth: The Motivations And Gratifications Of Online Betting Amongst YouthsNekmat, Elmie ; Lim, Sun Sun 
2003Old People and New Media in Wired Societies: Exploring the Socio - Digital Divide in SingaporeLim, Sun Sun ; Tan, Yen Ling
2008On Avatars, Buddy Buddy And CyWorld – New Media in Korean Youths’ Everyday LivesLim, Sun Sun 
2009On maids, mobile phones and social capital: ICT use by female migrant workers in Singapore and its policy implicationsThomas, Minu; Lim, Sun Sun 
2013On mobile communication and youth “deviance”: Beyond moral, media and mobile panicsLim, Sun Sun 
2006One child, two parents and a host of technologies - a study of urban China’s media-rich householdsLim, Sun Sun 
2009Online privacy, government surveillance and national ID cardsLim, S.S. ; Cho, H. ; Sanchez, M.R.