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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008New extensometer to measure in vivo uniaxial mechanical properties of human skinLim, K.H. ; Chew, C.M. ; Chen, P.C.Y.; Jeyapalina, S.; Ho, H.N.; Rappel, J.K.; Lim, B.H. 
2008Non-invasive prediction of skin flap shrinkage: A new concept based on animal experimental evidenceLim, K.H. ; Chew, C.M. ; Chen, P.C.Y.; Teo, C.L. ; Jeyapalina, S.; Ho, H.N.; Lim, B.H. 
2012Novel time-frequency approach for muscle fatigue detection based on sEMGBai, F.; Lubecki, T.M.; Chew, C.-M. ; Teo, C.-L. 
2008Optimal trajectory generation for bipedal robotsDau, V.-H.; Chew, C.-M. ; Poo, A.-N. 
Nov-2009Optimization of mechatronic design quotient using genetic algorithm in vibration controllers for flexible beamsSun, J. ; Poo, A.N. ; Chew, C.M. ; Ang, M.H. ; Hong, G.S. ; De Silva, C.W. ; Tan, K.K. 
2008Optimized joint-torques trajectory planning for bipedal walking robotsDau, V.-H.; Chew, C.-M. ; Poo, A.-N. 
2008Pattern generation for bipedal walking on slopes and stairsHuang, W.; Chew, C.-M. ; Zheng, Y. ; Hong, G.-S. 
2010Planning bipedal walking gait using augmented linear inverted pendulum modelDau, V.-H.; Chew, C.-M. ; Poo, A.-N. 
1-Oct-2019PointAtrousNet: Point Atrous Convolution for Point Cloud AnalysisPan, Liang ; Wang, Pengfei ; Chew, Chee-Meng 
2004Property analysis for series MR-fluid damper actuator systemZhou, W.; Chew, C.-M. ; Hong, G.-S. 
2010Proposal of augmented linear inverted pendulum model for bipedal gait planningDau, H.; Chew, C.-M. ; Poo, A.-N. 
2009Push recovery controller for bipedal robot walkingAdiwahono, A.H.; Chew, C.-M. ; Weiwei, H.; Yu, Z. 
Sep-2013Push recovery through walking phase modification for bipedal locomotionAdiwahono, A.H.; Chew, C.-M. ; Liu, B.
2008Real-time bipedal walking adjustment modes using truncated fourier series formulationYang, L.; Chew, C.-M. ; Poo, A.-N. 
Mar-2010Real-time bipedal walking gait adjustment modes based on a Truncated Fourier Series ModelYang, L.; Chew, C.-M. ; Poo, A.-N. ; Zielinska, T.
Mar-2009Robot gait synthesis using the scheme of human motions skills developmentZielinska, T.; Chew, C.-M. ; Kryczka, P.; Jargilo, T.
2010Self-localization of humanoid robots with fish-eye lens in a soccer fieldTian, B.; Ng, C.-L.; Chew, C.-M. 
Nov-2006Series damper actuator system based on MR fluid damperChew, C.-M. ; Hong, G.-S. ; Zhou, W.
2004Series damper actuator: A novel force/torque control actuatorChew, C.-M. ; Hong, G.-S. ; Zhou, W.
Jan-2006Stability and motor adaptation in human arm movementsBurdet, E. ; Tee, K.P.; Mareels, I.; Milner, T.E.; Chew, C.M. ; Franklin, D.W.; Osu, R.; Kawato, M.