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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Nonlinear optical crosstalk in analog phase-modulated wavelength-division- multiplexed systemsKim, H. ; Ji, H.C.; Lee, J.H.
2008Nonlinear optical crosstalk in analog phase-modulated wavelength-division-multiplexed systemsKim, H. ; Ji, H.C.; Lee, J.H.
2013On decision aided carrier phase and frequency offset estimation in coherent optical receiversMeiyappan, A.; Kam, P.-Y. ; Kim, H. 
2010Optical RZ transmitter using directly modulated laser driven by NRZ signalsAl-Qazwini, Z.; Kim, H. 
15-May-2008Pattern dependency comparison of four different 40-Gb/s optical duobinary transmitters using low-bandwidth modulatorsLee, H.; Kim, H. ; Hwang, S.; Oh, Y.; Lee, J.; Jeong, J.
2012Performance of decision-aided maximum-likelihood carrier phase estimation with frequency offsetMeiyappan, A.; Kam, P.-Y. ; Kim, H. 
2009Phase-modulated radio-over-fiber transmission systemsKim, H. 
2009Phase-modulated subcarrier-multiplexed transmission systemsKim, H. 
2013Photonic frequency up-conversion based on RSOA for 20-GHz radio signal transmissionAl-Qazwini, Z.; Kim, H. 
2012Photonic frequency up-conversion using directly modulated RSOA and delay interferometerAl-Qazwini, Z.; Kim, H. 
18-Jan-2010Pulsed-incoherent-light-inj ected Fabry-Perot laser diode for WDM passive optical networksKim, H. 
15-Sep-2009Quality monitoring of DxPSK signals by using differential phasor diagramTakushima, Y.; Choi, H.Y.; Kim, H. ; Chung, Y.C.
2011Radio over RSOA-based WDM-PONKim, H. 
Nov-2007Radio-over-fiber system for TDD-based OFDMA wireless communication systemsKim, H. ; Cho, J.H.; Kim, S.; Song, K.-U.; Lee, H.; Lee, J.; Kim, B.; Oh, Y.; Lee, J.; Hwang, S.
17-Oct-2007Reduction of polarization-induced performance degradation in WDM PON utilizing MQW-SLD-based broadband sourcePark, P.K.J.; Jun, S.B.; Kim, H. ; Jung, D.K.; Lee, W.R.; Chung, Y.C.
Aug-2010Return-to-zero transmitter for WDM-PONs using incoherent-light-injected fabry-perot laser diodesKim, H. 
2012Symmetric 10-Gb/s WDM-PON using directly modulated lasers for downlink and RSOAs for uplinkAl-Qazwini, Z.; Kim, H. 
2011Transmission of 10-Gb/s directly modulated RSOA signals in single-fiber loopback WDM PONsKim, H. 
2012Transmission of 10-Gb/s incoherent light over 20-km SSMF without dispersion compensationAl-Qazwini, Z.; Kim, H. 
2012Ultranarrow spectrum-sliced incoherent light source for 10-Gb/s WDM PONAl-Qazwini, Z.; Kim, H.