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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Determination of the unknown age at first capture of western rock lobsters (Panulirus cygnus) by random effects modelCheng, Y.W.; Kuk, A.Y.C. 
Apr-2005Efficient sampling schemes for Bayesian MARS models with many predictorsNott, D.J.; Kuk, A.Y.C. ; Duc, H.
2009Estimating the time-varying rate of transmission of SARS in Singapore and Hong Kong under two environmentsKuk, A.Y.C. ; Tan, C.C. 
2001Estimation procedures for categorical survey data with nonignorable nonresponseKuk, A.Y.C. ; Mak, T.K.; Li, W.K.
Aug-2009Haplotype inference for population data with genotyping errorsZhu, W.; Kuk, A.Y.C. ; Guo, J.
Dec-2003Letter to the Editors of BiometricsLaslett, G.M.; Eveson, J.P.; Polacheck, T.; Cheng, Y.W.; Kuk, A.Y.C. 
Jun-2005Monte Carlo approximation through Gibbs output in generalized linear mixed modelsChan, J.S.K.; Kuk, A.Y.C. ; Yam, C.H.K.
10-May-2016Parallel variational Bayes for large datasets with an application to generalized linear mixed modelsMinh-Ngoc Tran; David J. Nott ; Anthony Y. C. Kuk ; Robert Kohn
2004Permutation invariance of alternating logistic regression for multivariate binary dataKuk, A.Y.C. 
Nov-2010Recursive subsetting to identify patients in the STAR*D: A method to enhance the accuracy of early prediction of treatment outcome and to inform personalized careKuk, A.Y.C. ; Li, J. ; Rush, A.J. 
Dec-2009Relative efficiency of the Fuzzy p-value approach to hypothesis testingKuk, A.Y.C. ; Xu, J. 
2001Robust estimation for finite populations based on a working modelKuk, A.Y.C. ; Welsh, A.H.
Mar-2007Test of marginal compatibility and smoothing methods for exchangeable binary data with unequal cluster sizesPang, Z.; Kuk, A.Y.C. 
10-Jun-2010Testing multiple gene interactions by the ordered combinatorial partitioning method in case-control studiesHua, X.; Zhang, H.; Zhang, H.; Yang, Y.; Kuk, A.Y. 
30-Aug-2005The estimation of SARS incubation distribution from serial interval data using a convolution likelihoodKuk, A.Y.C. ; Ma, S.
2001Three ways of implementing the EM algorithm when parameters are not identifiableYung Cheung Kuk, A. ; So Kuen Chan, J.