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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2007Can degenerate bound states occur in one-dimensional quantum mechanics?Kar, S.; Parwani, R.R. 
4-Jan-2006Common axioms for inferring classical ensemble dynamics and quantum theoryParwani, R.R. 
2004Complexity: An introductionParwani, R.R. 
31-Oct-2012Constraints and spectra of a deformed quantum mechanicsChing, C.-L.; Parwani, R.R. ; Singh, K. 
26-Apr-2007Exact solutions of a nonpolynomially nonlinear Schrödinger equationParwani, R. ; Tan, H.S. 
2014Information and cosmological physicsParwani, R.R. 
21-Mar-2011Information and particle physicsNg, W.K. ; Parwani, R.R. 
8-Jul-2005Information measures for inferring quantum mechanicsParwani, R.R. 
30-Jul-2009Information-theoretic corrections to black hole area quantisationParwani, R.R. 
3-Jun-2008Integrable hierarchies and information measuresParwani, R.R. ; Pashaev, O.K.
2009Nonlinear Dirac equationsNg, W.K.; Parwani, R.R. 
Sep-2009Nonlinear quantum cosmologyNguyen, L.-H.; Parwani, R.R. 
2011Nonlinear Schrödinger-Pauli equationsNg, W.K. ; Parwani, R.R. 
28-Mar-2010Probing quantum nonlinearities through neutrino oscillationsNg, W.K. ; Parwani, R.R. 
2009Properties of some nonlinear Schrödinger equations motivated through information theoryYuan, L.D.; Parwani, R.R. 
2009Singularity avoidance in nonlinear quantum cosmologyNguyen, L.-H.; Parwani, R.R. 
Jul-2007Some thoughts on a nonlinear Schrödinger equation motivated by information theoryParwani, R.R. 
Mar-2012Splitting of degenerate states in one-dimensional quantum mechanicsDutt, A.; Nath, T.; Kar, S.; Parwani, R. 
2008The large nonlinearity scale limit of an information-theoretically motivated nonlinear Schrödinger equationNguyen, L.-H.; Tan, H.-S. ; Parwani, R.R. 
25-May-2007Universality in an information-theoretic motivated nonlinear Schrodinger equationParwani, R. ; Tabia, G.