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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2000Ultrafine ferrite particles prepared by coprecipitation/mechanical millingDing, J. ; Liu, X.Y. ; Wang, J. ; Shi, Y. 
2006Understanding of hydrogel network formation and its application in the architecture of significantly enhanced hydrogelXiong, J.Y. ; Liu, X.Y. ; Li, J.L. ; Narayanan, J. ; Wang, R.Y. 
2009Unraveled mechanism in silk engineering: Fast reeling induced silk tougheningWu, X.; Liu, X.-Y. ; Du, N. ; Xu, G.; Li, B. 
24-Jul-2013UV-curable pressure sensitive adhesive films: Effects of biocompatible plasticizers on mechanical and adhesion propertiesDana, S.F.; Nguyen, D.-V.; Kochhar, J.S.; Liu, X.-Y. ; Kang, L. 
7-Mar-2011Volume confinement induced microstructural transitions and property enhancements of supramolecular soft materialsYuan, B. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Li, J.-L.; Xu, H.-Y.
7-Apr-2014What makes spider silk fibers so strong? from molecular-crystallite network to hierarchical network structuresXu, G.; Gong, L.; Yang, Z.; Liu, X.Y. 
Oct-2005Why does insect antifreeze protein from Tenebrio molitor produce pyramidal ice crystallites?Strom, C.S. ; Liu, X.Y. ; Jia, Z.
24-Dec-2009Will fluoride toughen or weaken our teeth? Understandings based on nucleation, morphology, and structural assemblyWang, Z.; Ma, G. ; Liu, X.Y. 
13-Feb-2004Zero-sized effect of nano-particles and inverse homogeneous nucleation: Principles of freezing and antifreezeLiu, X.Y. ; Du, N.