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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Sep-2003Ice nucleation inhibition: Mechanism of antifreeze by antifreeze proteinDu, N. ; Liu, X.Y. ; Hew, C.L. 
12-Jan-2005Ice surface reconstruction as antifreeze protein-induced morphological modification mechanismStrom, C.S. ; Xiang, Y.L. ; Jia, Z.
2008Identification, recombinant production and structural characterization of four silk proteins from the Asiatic honeybee Apis ceranaShi, J. ; Song, J. ; Lua, S.; Du, N. ; Liu, X. 
17-Jun-2004In situ observation of colloidal monolayer nucleation driven by an alternating electric fieldZhang, K.-Q. ; Liu, X.Y. 
18-Feb-2009In vitro cancer cell imaging and therapy using transferrin-conjugated gold nanoparticlesLi, J.-L. ; Wang, L. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Zhang, Z.-P. ; Guo, H.-C. ; Liu, W.-M. ; Tang, S.-H. 
1-Dec-2001Influence of nucleation nature on Ca mineral/substrate structural synergy and implications for biomineralization in microgravityLiu, X.Y. 
1-Jun-2008Interfacial adsorption of antifreeze proteins: A neutron reflection studyXu, H.; Perumal, S.; Zhao, X.; Du, N. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Jia, Z.; Lu, J.R.
29-Nov-2001Interfacial effect of molecules on nucleation kineticsLiu, X.Y. 
2-Jul-2001Interfacial process of nucleation and molecular nucleation templatorLiu, X.Y. 
25-Mar-2011Intrinsically colored and luminescent silkTansil, N.C.; Li, Y. ; Teng, C.P.; Zhang, S.; Win, K.Y.; Chen, X.; Liu, X.Y. ; Han, M.-Y. 
Dec-2005Investigation on the mechanism of crystallization of soluble protein in the presence of nonionic surfactantJia, Y. ; Narayanan, J. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Liu, Y.
15-Dec-2008Kinetic analysis of protein crystal nucleation in gel matrixWang, L. ; Liu, X.-Y. 
Aug-2006Kinetic studies of spherulitic crystallization in the gelation process of low molecular-mass organic gelatorWang, R. ; Liu, X.-Y. 
6-Jul-2011Kinetically controlled homogenization and transformation of crystalline fiber networks in supramolecular materialsLi, J.-L. ; Yuan, B. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Wang, X.-G.; Wang, R.-Y. 
18-Jan-2007Kinetics and equilibrium distribution of colloidal assembly under an alternating electric field and correlation to degree of perfection of colloidal crystalsLiu, Y.; Liu, X.-Y. ; Narayanan, J. 
23-Dec-2005Kinetics and template nucleation of self-assembled hydroxyapatite nanocrystallites by chondroitin sulfateJiang, H. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Zhang, G. ; Li, Y.
27-Mar-2006Limonene GP1/PG organogel as a vehicle in transdermal delivery of haloperidolLim, P.F.C. ; Liu, X.Y. ; Kang, L. ; Ho, P.C.L. ; Chan, Y.W.; Chan, S.Y. 
1-Aug-2013Mechanical properties and structure of silkworm cocoons: A comparative study of Bombyx mori, Antheraea assamensis, Antheraea pernyi and Antheraea mylitta silkworm cocoonsZhang, J.; Kaur, J.; Rajkhowa, R.; Li, J.L.; Liu, X.Y. ; Wang, X.G.
30-Dec-2010Mechanism of dielectric constant variation of POSS-based organic-inorganic molecular hybridsZhang, C.; Guang, S.; Zhu, X.; Xu, H.; Liu, X. ; Jiang, M.
18-Mar-2002Mechanism of the formation of self-organized microstructures in soft functional materialsLiu, X.Y. ; Sawant, P.D.