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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2003Protein interactions in undersaturated and supersaturated solutions: A study using light and X-ray scatteringNarayanan, J.; Liu, X.Y. 
13-Apr-2006Real-time observation of fiber network formation in molecular organogel: Supersaturation-dependent microstructure and its related rheological propertyWang, R. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Xiong, J. ; Li, J. 
2006Resonant photoemission study of single-strand deoxyribonucleic acidWang, L. ; Zhang, K.-Q. ; Gao, X. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Wee, A.T.S. 
10-Jan-2005Self-assembly of protein at aqueous solution surface in correlation to protein crystallizationJia, Y. ; Liu, X.-Y. 
8-Sep-2000Self-epitaxial nucleation origin of fractal aggregationLiu, X.-Y. ; Strom, C.S.
Aug-2013Silkworm cocoon as natural material and structure for thermal insulationZhang, J.; Rajkhowa, R.; Li, J.L.; Liu, X.Y. ; Wang, X.G.
2010Simulating "atomic" processes of crystallization via controlled colloidal assemblyLiu, X.Y. 
21-May-2012Size invariance of fibrous networks of supramolecular soft materials during formation under critical volume confinementYuan, B. ; Li, J.-L. ; Liu, X.Y. ; Ma, Y.-Q.; Wang, Y.J.
2007Size-dependent planar colloidal crystals guided by alternating electric fieldZhang, K.-Q. ; Liu, X.Y. 
18-Aug-2005SMGA gels for the skin permeation of haloperidolKang, L.; Liu, X.Y. ; Sawant, P.D. ; Ho, P.C.; Chan, Y.W.; Chan, S.Y. 
19-Oct-2000Solution-induced reconstructive epitaxial nucleation on pseudoflat surfaces of fractal gel-grown ammonium chlorideStrom, C.S.; Liu, X.-Y. ; Wang, M.
20-Jan-2002Spherulitic growth in protein solutionsChow, P.S. ; Zhang, J.; Liu, X.Y. ; Tan, R.B.H. 
9-Sep-2002Spherulitic growth kinetics of protein crystalsChow, P.S. ; Liu, X.Y. ; Zhang, J.; Tan, R.B.H. 
9-Apr-2009Spherulitic networks: From structure to rheological propertyShi, J.H.; Liu, X.Y. ; Li, J.L. ; Strom, C.S. ; Xu, H.Y. 
2012Spider silk: The toughest natural polymerXu, G.; Toh, G.W.; Du, N. ; Liu, X.Y. 
2013Spontaneously amplified homochiral organic-inorganic nano-helix complexes via self-proliferationZhai, H.; Quan, Y.; Li, L.; Liu, X.-Y. ; Xu, X.; Tang, R.
1-Jul-2008Stilbene-containing polyactylenes: Molecular design, synthesis, and relationship between molecular structure and NLO propertiesSu, X.; Xu, H.; Guo, Q.; Shi, G.; Yang, J.; Song, Y.; Liu, X. 
22-Feb-2011Structural origin of the strain-hardening of spider silkDu, N. ; Yang, Z.; Liu, X.Y. ; Li, Y.; Xu, H.Y.
2015Surface energy of silk fibroin and mechanical properties of silk cocoon compositesZhang, Jin; Du, Shan; Kafi, Abdullah A.; Fox, Bronwyn Louise; Li, Jing Liang; Liu, Xiangyang ; Rajkhowa, Rangam; Wang, Xungai
6-Dec-2004Surfactant free fabrication of polyimide nanoparticlesXiong, J.Y. ; Liu, X.Y. ; Chen, S.B. ; Chung, T.S.