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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-1994Object illumination angle measurement in speckle interferometryNg, T.W. ; Chau, F.S. 
Mar-1997Optical Distance Sensing Using Digital Speckle Shearing InterferometryNg, T.W. 
Nov-2004Optical evaluation of ingot fixity in semiconductor wafer slicingNg, T.W. ; Nallathamby, R.
Dec-2003Optical sensor for semiconductor chip bondingNg, T.W. ; Ng, C.W.
Jan-2001Optical surface roughness evaluation of phosphorus-doped polysilicon filmsNg, T.W. ; Teo, T.W.; Rajendra, P.
1993Performance of charge-coupled devices in digital shearographyNg, Tuck-Wah ; Chau, Fook S. 
Aug-2003Phase-shifting photoelasticity using a flatbed scannerNg, T.W. ; Quek, P.K.; Lim, K.H.
1-Jun-1997Photoelastic illumination by using cathode-ray-tube displaysNg, T.W. ; Sajan, M.R. ; Asundi, A.
Jun-1997Photoelastic stress analysis using an object step-loading methodNg, T.W. 
2006Photonic surgery with noncoherent lightFeuermann, D.; Gordon, J.M.; Ng, T.W. 
Jan-2004Resolution analysis of atomic force microscopy using temporal phase modulation interferometryNg, T.W. ; Sasaki, O.; Chua, H.T. 
1-Jan-1996Scattering-angle calibration in an automated small-angle light-scattering apparatusNg, T.W. 
Aug-2002Shadow moiré topography using a flatbed scannerNg, T.W. ; Tajuddin, A.
15-Mar-1995Shear measurement in digital speckle shearing interferometry using digital correlationNg, T.W. 
May-2006Simple tilt and height location monitoring of wafersNg, T.W. ; Tay, A. ; Ong, C.J.
2018Simultaneous Multidrop Creation with Superhydrophobic Wells for Field Environmental Sensing of NanoparticlesChung D.C.K.; Huynh S.H.; Ahmad Zahidi A.A.; Liew O.W. ; Ng T.W. 
Jul-2007Small Gaussian laser beam diameter measurement using a quadrant photodiodeNg, T.W. ; Tan, H.Y.; Foo, S.L.
1-Mar-1997Speckle photography fringe analysis using the discrete Hartley transformNg, T.W. 
30-Apr-1997Speckle reduction in the small-angle light scattering technique using sample vibrationNg, T.W. 
21-Sep-2004Stabilized laser plumbNG, TUCK WAH ; HENG, HIANG HOW CALEB