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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-1994Effect of camera spatial resolution on fringe contrast in digital speckle correlation interferometryNg, T.W. ; Chau, F.S. 
1998Electronic digests in scientific communicationNg, T.W. 
Nov-2003ESPI with structured illuminationNg, T.W. 
1996Fast derivation of phase in computer-aided photoelasticityNg, T.W. 
2005Feasibility of modulated optical deflection sensing in atomic force microscopyNg, T.W. ; Lee, W.S.; Sasaki, O.
20-Nov-2005Fourier-transform method of data compression and temporal fringe pattern analysisNg, T.W. ; Ang, K.T.
2005Gaussian laser beam diameter measurement using a quadrant photodiodeNg, T.W. ; Foo, S.L.; Tan, H.Y.
Apr-2003Hard disk wobble detection using optical triangulation and time-delay integrated imagingNg, T.W. ; Sin, H.K.
12-Jun-2007High sensitivity scanning probe systemNG, TUCK WAH ; CHUA, HUI TONG ; SASAKI, OSAMI
1996High-speed phase-shift computation using dynamic memory processingNg, T.W. 
Jun-1995Improved DSPI configuration for the inspection of components in the production lineNg, T.W. 
1994Improved visual detection of flaws by using temporal phase modulation in digital speckle shearing interferometryNg, T.W. 
1994Improved white-light reconstruction of shearograms for simultaneous measurement of displacement derivativesNg, T.W. ; Leow, C.Y.; Chau, F.S. ; Toh, S.L. 
1995In situ monitoring of object beam expander noise in speckle correlation interferometryNg, T.W. ; Wong, T.H. ; Chau, F.S. 
Oct-2005Inexpensive color evaluation of dye-based pressure-sensitive films for plantar studiesNg, T.W. ; Yeong, W.K.
Jul-1997Light emitting diodes for illumination in photoelasticityNg, T.W. ; Asundi, A. 
15-Dec-1993Limit to sensitivity reduction in shearing speckle interferometry imposed by imaging aberrationsNg, T.W. ; Chau, F.S. 
2005Low-cost precision rotary index calibrationNg, T.W. ; Lim, T.S.
1-Oct-1993Measurement of linear shear in digital shearing speckle interferometryNg, T.W. ; Chau, F.S.