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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2006Characterization of mechanical properties of polymers by nanoindentation testsZhang, C.Y.; Zhang, Y.W. ; Zeng, K.Y. ; Shen, L.
2006Characterization of viscoelastic behaviour of a molding compound with application to delamination analysis in IC packagesHu, G.; Tay, A.A.O.; Zhang, Y. ; Zhu, W.; Chew, S.
1-Sep-2004Co dependence of Curie temperature in amorphous Fe-Co-Zr-B-Nb alloys with high glass-forming abilityYao, B. ; Zhang, Y. ; Si, L. ; Tan, H. ; Li, Y. 
Jul-2003Coarsening kinetics of heteroepitaxial islands in nucleationless Stranski-Krastanov growthLiu, P.; Zhang, Y.W. ; Lu, C.
22-Feb-2008Computational analysis of adhesion force in the indentation of cells using atomic force microscopyZhang, C.Y.; Zhang, Y.W. 
5-Jun-2009Computational modeling for cell spreading on a substrate mediated by specific interactions, long-range recruiting interactions, and diffusion of bindersSun, L.; Cheng, Q.H.; Gao, H.J.; Zhang, Y.-W. 
1-Mar-2003Computer simulations of the Stranski-Krastanov growth of heteroepitaxial films with elastic anisotropyLiu, P.; Zhang, Y.W. ; Lu, C.
19-Nov-2003Correlations between the glass transition, crystallization, apparent activation energy and glass forming ability in Fe based amorphous alloysYao, B. ; Ma, H.; Tan, H. ; Zhang, Y. ; Li, Y. 
Jan-2010Dislocation cross-slip in heteroepitaxial multilayer filmsQuek, S.S.; Zhang, Y.W. ; Xiang, Y.; Srolovitz, D.J.
Jun-2001Dislocation dynamics of strain relaxation in epitaxial layersWang, T.C.; Zhang, Y.W. ; Chua, S.J. 
2007Dislocation junctions as barriers to threading dislocation migrationQuek, S.S.; Wu, Z.; Zhang, Y.-W. ; Xiang, Y.; Srolovitz, D.J.
Sep-2009Dislocation-twin interaction mechanisms for ultrahigh strength and ductility in nanotwinned metalsWu, Z.X.; Zhang, Y.W. ; Srolovitz, D.J.
2009Edge elastic properties of defect-free single-layer graphene sheetsReddy, C.D.; Ramasubramaniam, A.; Shenoy, V.B.; Zhang, Y.-W. 
8-Dec-2008Edge-stress-induced warping of graphene sheets and nanoribbonsShenoy, V.B.; Reddy, C.D.; Ramasubramaniam, A.; Zhang, Y.W. 
2008Effect of defects on oscillation characteristics and instability of carbon nanotube-based oscillatorsLiu, P.; Gao, H.J.; Zhang, Y.W. 
15-Dec-2003Effects of high boron content on crystallization, forming ability and magnetic properties of amorphous Fe91-xZr5B xNb4 alloyYao, B. ; Si, L. ; Tan, H. ; Zhang, Y. ; Li, Y. 
Aug-2007Effects of membrane pre-stress and intrinsic viscoelasticity on nanoindentation of cells using AFMZhang, C.Y.; Zhang, Y.W. 
10-May-2006Effects of Si(001) surface amorphization on ErSi2 thin filmTan, E.J.; Kon, M.L.; Pey, K.L.; Lee, P.S.; Zhang, Y.W. ; Wang, W.D.; Chi, D.Z.
Nov-2008Effects of wetting and misfit strain on the pattern formation of heteroepitaxially grown thin filmsGuo, J.Y.; Zhang, Y.W. ; Lu, C.
Apr-2008Energetics and stability of C60 molecules encapsulated in carbon nanotubesLiu, P.; Zhang, Y.W. ; Gao, H.J.; Lu, C.