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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2018RNA sequencing, de novo assembly and differential analysis of the gill transcriptome of freshwater climbing perch Anabas testudineus after 6 days of seawater exposureCHEN, XL ; LUI, EY ; IP, YK ; LAM, SH 
2013RNA-sequencing analysis of TCDD-induced responses in zebrafish liver reveals high relatedness to in vivo mammalian models and conserved biological pathways.Li Z.H. ; Xu H.; Zheng W. ; Lam S.H. ; Gong,Z 
1-Jul-2012Roles of three branchial Na +-K +-ATPase α-subunit isoforms in freshwater adaptation, seawater acclimation, and active ammonia excretion in Anabas testudineusIp, Y.K. ; Loong, A.M.; Kuah, J.S.; Sim, E.W.L.; Chen, X.L.; Wong, W.P.; Lam, S.H. ; Delgado, I.L.S.; Wilson, J.M.; Chew, S.F.
12-Dec-2013Selection of reliable biomarkers from PCR array analyses using relative distance computational model: Methodology and proof-of-concept studyLiu, C.; Xu, H. ; Lam, S.H. ; Gong, Z. 
9-Jul-2013Super Resolution Microscopy Reveals that Caveolin-1 Is Required for Spatial Organization of CRFB1 and Subsequent Antiviral Signaling in ZebrafishGabor, K.A.; Stevens, C.R.; Pietraszewski, M.J.; Gould, T.J.; Shim, J.; Yoder, J.A.; Lam, S.H. ; Gong, Z. ; Hess, S.T.; Kim, C.H.
18-Dec-2012Toxicogenomic Analysis Suggests Chemical-Induced Sexual Dimorphism in the Expression of Metabolic Genes in Zebrafish LiverZhang, X.; Ung, C.Y. ; Lam, S.H. ; Ma, J.; Chen, Y.Z. ; Zhang, L. ; Gong, Z. ; Li, B. 
14-Dec-2011Toxicogenomic and phenotypic analyses of bisphenol-a early-life exposure toxicity in zebrafishLam, S.H. ; Hlaing, M.M. ; Zhang, X.; Yan, C.; Duan, Z.; Zhu, L.; Ung, C.Y. ; Mathavan, S.; Ong, C.N. ; Gong, Z. 
2005Transcriptome analysis of zebrafish embryogenesis using microarraysMathavan, S.; Lee, S.G.P.; Mak, A.; Miller, L.D.; Murthy, K.R.K.; Govindarajan, K.R.; Tong, Y. ; Wu, Y.L. ; Lam, S.H. ; Yang, H.; Ruan, Y.; Korzh, V.; Gong, Z. ; Liu, E.T.; Lufkin, T.
27-Nov-2006Transcriptome kinetics of arsenic-induced adaptive response in zebrafish liverSiew, H.L. ; Winata, C.L. ; Tong, Y. ; Korzh, S. ; Wen, S.L.; Korzh, V. ; Spitsbergen, J.; Mathavan, S.; Miller, L.D.; Liu, E.T.; Gong, Z. 
17-Jan-2013Transcriptomic Analyses of Sexual Dimorphism of the Zebrafish Liver and the Effect of Sex HormonesZheng, W.; Xu, H. ; Lam, S.H. ; Luo, H.; Karuturi, R.K.M.; Gong, Z. 
May-2011Zebrafish for drug toxicity screening: Bridging the in vitro cell-based models and in vivo mammalian modelsSukardi, H.; Chng, H.T.; Chan, E.C.Y. ; Gong, Z. ; Lam, S.H. 
2009Zebrafish spotted-microarray for genome-wide expression profiling experiments. Part I: array printing and hybridization.Lam, S.H. ; Mathavan, S. ; Gong, Z. 
2009Zebrafish spotted-microarray for genome-wide expression profiling experiments: data acquisition and analysis.Lam, S.H. ; Krishna Murthy Karuturi, R.; Gong, Z. 
Jul-2008Zebrafish whole-adult-organism chemogenomics for large-scale predictive and discovery chemical biology.Lam, S.H. ; Mathavan, S. ; Tong, Y. ; Li, H.; Karuturi, R.K.; Wu, Y.; Vega, V.B.; Liu, E.T.; Gong, Z.