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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Effects of particle dipole interaction on the ac magnetically induced heating characteristics of ferrite nanoparticles for hyperthermiaJeun, M.; Bae, S. ; Tomitaka, A.; Takemura, Y.; Park, K.H.; Paek, S.H.; Chung, K.-W.
2008Effects of perpendicular anisotropy on the interlayer coupling in perpendicularly magnetized [PdCo] Cu [CoPd] spin valvesThiyagarajah, N. ; Bae, S. ; Joo, H.W.; Han, Y.C.; Kim, J.
2013Electromigration in giant magnetoresistance spin valve read sensors under pulsed dc magnetic field: An analytical and numerical studyZeng, D.G.; Lee, K.-I.; Chung, K.-W.; Bae, S. 
Jan-2011Engineered superparamagnetic Mn0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4 nanoparticles as a heat shock protein induction agent for ocular neuroprotection in glaucomaJeun, M.; Jeoung, J.W.; Moon, S. ; Kim, Y.J.; Lee, S. ; Paek, S.H.; Chung, K.-W.; Park, K.H.; Bae, S. 
13-Dec-2010Enhancement of perpendicular exchange bias in [Pd/Co]/FeMn thin films by tailoring the magnetoelastically induced perpendicular anisotropyLin, L.; Thiyagarajah, N. ; Joo, H.W. ; Heo, J.; Lee, K.A.; Bae, S. 
2011Evaluation of magnetic and thermal properties of ferrite nanoparticles for biomedical applicationsTomitaka, A.; Jeun, M.; Bae, S. ; Takemura, Y.
26-Nov-2012Fabrication of single-dot planar nano-devices and the application to the exchange bias characterization in nano-pillar devicesThiyagarajah, N. ; Lin, L.; Bae, S. 
Jan-2011Feasibility of TEOS coated CoFe 2O 4 nanoparticles to a GMR biosensor agent for single molecular detectionTang, S.Q. ; Moon, S.J. ; Park, K.H.; Paek, S.H.; Chung, K.-W.; Bae, S. 
16-May-2012Giant magnetoresistance effects on electromigration characteristics in spin valve read sensors during retrieving operationZeng, D.G.; Lee, K.-I.; Chung, K.-W.; Bae, S. 
18-Apr-2011Hall effect-induced acceleration of electromigration failures in spin valve multilayers under magnetic fieldJiang, J.; Zeng, D.G.; Chung, K.-W.; Kim, J.; Bae, S. 
2009High magnetic and thermal stability of nanopatterned [Co/Pd] based pseudo spin-valves with perpendicular anisotropy for 1 Gb magnetic random access memory applicationsThiyagarajah, N. ; Joo, H.W. ; Bae, S. 
2008Improvements of sensing performance by specially designed magnetic shield layer in an in vitro tunneling magnetoresistance biosensor using immobilized ferrimagnetic nanoparticle agentsKim, S. ; Bae, S. ; Lim, J.K.
2015Induction of heat shock protein-72 by magnetic nanofluid hyperthermia in cultured retinal ganglion cells for neuroprotective treatment in glaucomaJeoung Jin Wook; Jeun Minhong; Park Joo Hyun; Kim Yu Jeong; Bae Seongtae ; Park Ki Ho
2010Magnetic characterization and self-heating of various magnetic nanoparticles for medical applicationsTomitaka, A.; Kobayashi, H.; Yamada, T.; Jeun, M.; Bae, S. ; Takemura, Y.
31-Jul-2009Magnetic instability of giant magnetoresistance spin-valves due to electromigration-induced inter-diffusionJiang, J.; Bae, S. ; Ryu, H.
2006Magnetic properties, self-temperature rising characteristics, and biocompatibility of NiFe2O4 nanoparticles for hyperthermia applicationsLee, S. ; Bae, S. ; Takemura, Y.; Yamashita, E.; Kunisaki, J.; Kim, C.
2011Magnetically labeled GMR biosensor with a single immobilized ferrimagnetic particle agent for the detection of extremely low concentration of biomoleculesZhang, P.; Thiyagarajah, N. ; Bae, S. 
2010Magnetization and self-heating temperature of NiFe2O4 nanoparticles measured by applying ac magnetic fieldTomitaka, A.; Kobayashi, H.; Yamada, T.; Jeun, M.; Bae, S. ; Takemura, Y.
2006Magnetoresistive behavior of current-perpendicular-to-plane trilayer with half-metal insertionsBae, S. ; Tan, S.G.; Jalil, M.B.A. ; Kumar, S.B. ; Teo, K.L. ; Leong, Z.Y.; Liew, T.
Oct-2005Mössbauer studies of nano-size controlled iron oxide for biomedical applicationsLee, S.W.; Kim, S.J.; Shim, I.-B.; Bae, S. ; Kim, C.S.