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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Receiver sensitivity improvement using decision-aided maximum likelihood phase estimation in coherent optical DQPSK system with nonlinear phase noiseZhang, S.; Kam, P.Y. ; Chen, J.; Yu, C. 
2015Scanning-free BOTDA based on ultra-fine digital optical frequency combJin C.; Guo N.; Feng Y.; Wang L.; Liang H.; Li J.; Li Z.; Yu C. ; Lu C.
1-Feb-2010Signed chromatic dispersion monitoring of lOOGbit/s CS-RZ DQPSK signal by evaluating the asymmetry ratio of delay tap samplingLi, Z.; Jian, Z.; Cheng, L.; Yang, Y.; Lu, C.; Lau, A.P.T.; Yu, C. ; Tam, H.Y.; Wai, P.K.A.
1-Aug-2006Simple autocorrelation technique based on degree-of-polarization measurementLuo, T.; Yu, C. ; Yan, L.-S.; Kumar, S.; Pan, Z.; Willner, A.E.
8-Nov-2010Simultaneous and independent multi-parameter monitoring with fault localization for DSP-based coherent communication systemsShen, T.S.R.; Lau, A.P.T.; Yu, C. 
2010Stable photonic RF phase shifter based on a polarization sensitive optical phase modulatorLi, Z.; Yu, C. ; Cheng, L.; Lu, C.; Lau, A.P.T.; Tam, H.-Y.; Wai, P.K.A.
2013Study on phase interpolation filters for coherent optical communicationsHuang, D.; Cheng, T.-H.; Yu, C. 
2011Study on the performance of decision-aided maximum likelihood phase estimation with a forgetting factorZhang, S.; Xu, L.; Kam, P.Y. ; Yu, C. ; Wang, T.
2009Suppression of polarisation-induced signal fluctuation in optic distributed sensing system based on stimulated Brillouin scatteringYang, J.; Yu, C. ; Chen, Z.; Ng, J.; Yang, X.
2008Suppression of polarization sensitivity in BOTDA fiber distributed sensing systemJing, Y.; Changyuan, Y. ; Zhihao, C.; Junhong, N.; Xiufeng, Y.
1-Feb-2014Time-domain adaptive decision-directed channel equalizer for RGI-DP-CO-OFDMLi, X.; Zhong, W.-D.; Alphones, A.; Yu, C. 
15-Dec-2013Time-domain blind ICI mitigation for non-constant modulus format in CO-OFDMCao, S.; Kam, P.-Y. ; Yu, C. 
1-Nov-2013Ultrahigh-Q microwave photonic filter with tunable Q value utilizing cascaded optical-electrical feedback loopsLiu, J.; Guo, N.; Li, Z.; Yu, C. ; Lu, C.
Jul-2007Ultrahigh-speed optical pulse generation using a phase modulator and two stages of delayed Mach-Zehnder interferometersPan, Z.; Chandel, S.; Yu, C. 
2012User-oriented visible light communication system with dimming control schemeWang, Z.; Chen, J.; Zhong, W.-D.; Yu, C. ; Chen, W.
2011Video transmission system based on visible light communicationChen, W.; Yu, C. ; Kwok, Y.S.; Chin, F.
15-Dec-2006Wavelength-shift-free 3R regenerator for 40-Gb/s RZ system by optical parametric amplification in fiberYu, C. ; Luo, T.; Zhang, B.; Pan, Z.; Adler, M.; Wang, Y.; McGeehan, J.E.; Willner, A.E.
1-Apr-2011Wideband-tunable nanotube Q-switched low threshold erbium doped fiber laserDong, B.; Hu, J.; Liaw, C.-Y.; Hao, J.; Yu, C.