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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Parallel implementation of decision-aided maximum-likelihood phase estimation in coherent M-ary phase-shift keying systemsZhang, S.; Yu, C. ; Kam, P.Y. ; Chen, J.
9-Apr-2012Performance analysis of coherent optical 8-star QAM systems using decision-aided maximum likelihood phase estimationZhang, H. ; Kam, P.-Y. ; Yu, C. 
2010Performance comparison between decision-aided maximum likelihood and adaptive decision-aided phase estimationZhang, S.; Yu, C. ; Kam, P.Y. ; Chen, J.
2013Performance enhancement techniques for free-space optical transmission systemsZhong, W.-D.; Wang, Z.; Yu, C. 
2010Performance evaluation of OOK free-space optical transmission system with dynamic decision threshold and coherent detectionWang, Z.; Zhong, W.-D.; Zhang, S.; Yu, C. ; Ding, Y.
4-Jul-2011Performance improvement by tilting receiver plane in M-QAM OFDM visible light communicationsWang, Z.; Yu, C. ; Zhong, W.-D.; Chen, J.
9-Apr-2012Performance improvement of on-off-keying free-space optical transmission systems by a co-propagating reference continuous wave lightWang, Z.; Zhong, W.-D.; Yu, C. ; Fu, S.
2012Performance improvement of OOK free-space optical communication systems by coherent detection and dynamic decision threshold in atmospheric turbulence conditionsWang, Z.; Zhong, W.-D.; Yu, C. 
2010Performance investigation of the joint SPM compensation in a long-haul coherent dual-polarization QPSK systemZhang, S.; Xu, L.; Kam, P.Y. ; Yu, C. ; Wang, T.
13-Feb-2012Performance of a novel LED lamp arrangement to reduce SNR fluctuation for multi-user visible light communication systemsWang, Z.; Yu, C. ; Zhong, W.-D.; Chen, J.; Chen, W.
2013Performance of a precoding MIMO system for decentralized multiuser indoor visible light communicationsHong, Y.; Chen, J.; Wang, Z.; Yu, C. 
2013Performance of adaptive maximum likelihood sequence detection with nonlinear phase noiseXu, Z.; Yu, C. ; Kam, P.-Y. 
13-Aug-2012Performance of dimming control scheme in visible light communication systemWang, Z.; Zhong, W.-D.; Yu, C. ; Chen, J.; Shin, C.P.; Francois; Chen, W.
2012Performance of variable M-QAM OFDM visible light communication system with dimming controlWang, Z.; Yu, C. ; Zhong, W.-D.; Chen, J.; Chen, W.
2011Phase and frequency offset estimation in coherent optical fiber communication systemsYu, C. ; Kam, P.-Y. ; Zhang, S.; Chen, J.
2010Phase estimation in coherent communication systems with semiconductor laser noisesYu, C. ; Kam, P.Y.; Zhang, S.; Chen, J.
2012Phase estimation in coherent optical fiber communication systems with advanced modulation formatsYu, C. ; Kam, P.-Y. ; Zhang, S.; Chen, J.
15-Dec-2007Photosensitivity-enabled dispersion controllability for quasi-phase-matching in photonic crystal fibersZhang, L.; Luo, T.; Yue, Y.; Yu, C. ; Willner, A.E.
2009Pilot decision-aided maximum likelihood phase estimation in coherent optical QPSK and 8PSK systems with nonlinear phase noiseLi, X.; Zhang, S.; Yu, C. ; Pooi, Y.K. 
2013Pilot-aided channel equalization in RGI-PDM-CO-OFDM systemsLi, X.; Zhong, W.-D.; Alphones, A.; Yu, C.