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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Massive individual orbital angular momentum channels for multiplexing enabled by Dammann gratingsLei T.; Zhang M.; Li Y.; Jia P.; Liu G.N.; Xu X.; Li Z., Min C.; Lin J.; Yu C. ; Niu H.; Yuan X.
7-Nov-2011Maximum likelihood sequence detection in laser phase noise-impaired coherent optical systemsShao, X.; Kam, P.-Y. ; Yu, C. 
2008Measuring dispersion in WDM links with modulated background ASEPendock, G.J.; Shieh, W.; Xingwen, Y.; Changyuan, Y. 
2012Mitigation of nonlinearity based on optimized percentage of dispersion pre-compensation in coherent optical PDM-OFDM systemsCao, S.; Yu, C. ; Kam, P.-Y. 
2007Multi-channel 160-GHz pulse generator using a 40-GHz phase modulator and two stages of PM fiberYu, C. ; Yang, J.; Li, Z.; Wang, Y.
2009Multi-channel 80-GHz pulse train generation based on four-wave mixing in highly nonlinear fiberYang, J.; Hu, J.; Yu, C. ; Yeo, Y.K.; Wang, Y.
15-Mar-2010Multi-channel 80-GHz RZ pulse train generation based on parametric process in highly-nonlinear fiberYang, J.; Hu, J.; Yu, C. ; Yeo, Y.K.; Wang, Y.
2007Multi-channel high-speed optical pulse train generation based on phase modulation at half frequencyYu, C. ; Li, Z.; Yang, J.; Wang, Y.
15-Aug-2012Multi-wavelength Q-switched erbium doped fiber laser with a short carbon nanotube based saturable absorberDong, B.; Hu, J.; Yu, C. ; Hao, J.
2010Nonlinear fiber based processing for high speed optical communication and sensor systemsYu, C. ; Yang, J.; Hu, J.
2010Novel ultra wide-range frequency offset estimation for digital coherent optical receiverZhang, S.; Xu, L.; Yu, J.; Huang, M.-F.; Kam, P.Y. ; Yu, C. ; Wang, T.
2011On the performance of decision-aided maximum likelihood and its adaptive phase estimation with nonlinear phase noiseXu, Z.; Zhang, S.; Kam, P.-Y. ; Yu, C. 
2015On the performance of MU-MIMO indoor visible light communication system based on THP algorithmChen J; Ma N; Hong Y; Yu, Changyuan 
2008Optical performance monitoringWillner, A.E.; Pan, Z.; Yu, C. 
2013Optical performance monitoring based on filtering in highspeed optical fiber communication systemsYu, C. ; Yu, Y.
Jan-2010Optical performance monitoring for the next generation optical communication networksPan, Z.; Yu, C. ; Willner, A.E.
2013Optical performance monitoring in high-speed fiber communication systems based on low-bandwidth delay-tap samplingYu, C. ; Yu, Y.
2012Optical performance monitoring in high-speed optical fiber communication systemsYu, C. ; Yang, J.; Hu, J.; Zhang, B.
1-Mar-2014Optical pump induced thermal sensitivity reduction in a minimized Er/Yb-codoped-fiber mach-zehnder interferometerDong, B.; Chen, N.-K.; Cheng, G.-L.; Yu, C. ; Gong, Y.
2012Optical signal to noise ratio monitoring using a noval optical notch filtering schemeYu, Y.; Yang, J.; Yu, C.