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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009ADC bandwidth optimization in coherent optical polarization multiplexing quadrature phase-shift keying systemZhang, S.; Chen, J.; Yu, C. ; Rong, W.; Kam, P.Y. 
2013An all-optical modulation format conversion for 8QAM based on FWM in HNLFZhang, B.; Zhang, H. ; Yu, C. ; Cheng, X.; Yeo, Y.K.; Kam, P.-K. ; Yang, J.; Zhang, H.; Wen, Y.-H.; Feng, K.-M.
1-Jan-2007Beyond 40-GHz return-to-zero optical pulse-train generation using a phase modulator and polarization-maintaining fiberYu, C. ; Pan, Z.; Luo, T.; Wang, Y.; Christen, L.; Willner, A.E.
7-Jun-2010Bit-error rate performance of coherent optical M-ary PSK/QAM using decision-aided maximum likelihood phase estimationZhang, S.; Kam, P.Y. ; Chen, J.; Yu, C. 
2009Block length effect of decision-aided maximum likelihood phase estimation in coherent optical communication systemsZhang, S.; Pooi, Y.K. ; Yu, C. 
15-Jun-2013Broadband and linear photonic RF phase shifter based on DBR fiber lasers and polarization sensitive optical phase modulatorLi, Z.; Shang, H.; Li, J.; Yu, C. ; Feng, X.; Guan, B.-O.; Lu, C.
2010Broadband multi-wavelength light source generation using a single phase modulator in a loopYang, J.; Yu, C. 
1-Jun-2009Carrier-suppressed 160 GHz pulse-train generation using a 40 GHz phase modulator with polarization-maintaining fiberYu, C. ; Wang, Y.; Pan, Z.; Luo, T.; Kumar, S.; Zhang, B.; Willner, A.E.
2010CD and PMD monitoring based on RF spectrum analysis with optical filteringYu, C. ; Yang, J.
2010CD insensitive PMD monitoring by using FBG Notch Filter in 57-Gbit/s D8PSK and 38-Gbit/s DQPSK systemsYang, J.; Yu, C. ; Cheng, L.; Li, Z.; Lu, C.; Lau, A.P.T.; Tarn, H.-Y.; Wai, P.K.A.
2009CD insensitive PMD monitoring for different modulation formats based on RF tone power measurement using an FBG notch filterYang, J.; Chee, K.W.L.; Yu, C. 
17-Jan-2011CD-insensitive PMD monitoring based on RF power measurementYang, J.; Yu, C. ; Cheng, L.; Li, Z.; Lu, C.; Lau, A.P.T.; Tam, H.-Y.; Wai, P.K.A.
2014Channel equalization based on independent component analysis for coherent optical PDM-OFDMLi, X.; Zhong, W.-D.; Alphones, A.; Yu, C. 
1-Mar-2014Channel equalization using independent component analysis in PDM-CO-OFDMLi, X.; Zhong, W.-D.; Alphones, A.; Yu, C. 
2011Chromatic dispersion monitoring based on RF spectrum analysis and delay-tap samplingYu, C. ; Yang, J.; Hu, J.; Zhang, B.
2010Chromatic dispersion monitoring of DQPSK and D8PSK signals based on delay-tap sampling techniqueYang, J.; He, M.; Lu, H.; Yu, C. ; Li, Z.
1-Jan-2007Data pulse distortion induced by a slow-light tunable delay line in optical fiberYu, C. ; Luo, T.; Zhang, L.; Willner, A.E.
2012Decision-aided carrier phase estimation for coherent optical communication systemsYu, C. ; Kam, P.-Y. ; Zhang, S.; Chen, J.
2010Decision-aided carrier phase estimation for coherent optical communicationsZhang, S.; Kam, P.-Y. ; Yu, C. ; Chen, J.
2011Decision-aided carrier phase estimation for coherent optical OFDMCao, S.; Kam, P.-Y. ; Yu, C.