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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Dec-2011Capabilities of a perturbed toric code as a quantum memoryKay, A. 
14-Jan-2013Coherent quantum transport in photonic latticesPerez-Leija, A.; Keil, R.; Kay, A. ; Moya-Cessa, H.; Nolte, S.; Kwek, L.-C. ; Rodríguez-Lara, B.M.; Szameit, A.; Christodoulides, D.N.
Jan-2013Decoherence-assisted transport in quantum networksMarais, A.; Sinayskiy, I.; Kay, A. ; Petruccione, F.; Ekert, A. 
18-Oct-2012Effects of reduced measurement independence on bell-based randomness expansionKoh, D.E.; Hall, M.J.W.; Setiawan ; Pope, J.E.; Marletto, C.; Kay, A. ; Scarani, V. ; Ekert, A. 
2012How to counteract systematic errors in quantum state transferMarletto, C.; Kay, A. ; Ekert, A. 
3-Aug-2011Local realism of macroscopic correlationsRamanathan, R. ; Paterek, T. ; Kay, A. ; Kurzyński, P. ; Kaszlikowski, D. 
6-Aug-2009Optimal Cloning and Singlet MonogamyKay, A. ; Kaszlikowski, D. ; Ramanathan, R. 
22-Feb-2011Optimal detection of entanglement in Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger statesKay, A. 
Jun-2010Perfect, efficient, state transfer and its application as a constructive toolKay, A. 
2013The effects of free will on randomness expansionKoh, D.E.; Hall, M.J.W.; Setiawan; Pope, J.E.; Ekert, A. ; Kay, A. ; Scarani, V. 
28-Jul-2012Turing, ciphers and quantaEkert, A. ; Kay, A. ; Pope, J.
21-Aug-2012Using separable bell-diagonal states to distribute entanglementKay, A.