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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2013Carbon nanotube-based artificial tracheal prosthesis: Carbon nanocomposite implants for patient-specific ENT care.Chua, M.; Chui, C.-K. ; Chng, C.-B.; Lau, D.
Oct-2005Computational biomechanical modelling of the lumbar spine using marching-cubes surface smoothened finite element voxel meshingWang, Z.L. ; Teo, J.C.M. ; Chui, C.K. ; Ong, S.H. ; Yan, C.H. ; Wang, S.C.; Wong, H.K.; Teoh, S.H. 
Sep-2012Connecting tissue injury, temperature and mechanical propertiesHuang, W.-H.; Chui, C.-K. 
May-2011Current technology in navigation and robotics for liver tumours ablationChang, S.K.; Hlaing, W.W.; Yang, L. ; Chui, C.K. 
Jun-2010Design of a mechanical larynx with agarose as a soft tissue substitute for vocal fold applicationsChoo, J.Q.; Lau, D.P.C.; Chui, C.K. ; Yang, T.; Chng, C.B.; Teoh, S.H. 
2011Designing an active motor skill learning platform with a robot-assisted laparoscopic trainerLee, C.S.; Yang, L. ; Yang, T.; Chui, C.K. ; Liu, J.; Huang, W.; Su, Y.; Chang, S.K.Y.
Aug-2012Development of a microclip for laryngeal microsurgery: Initial animal studiesLau, D.P.; Chng, C.B.; Choo, J.Q.; Teo, N.; Bunte, R.M. ; Chui, C.K. 
2013Development of a patient specific artificial tracheal prosthesis: Design, mechanical behavior analysis and manufacturingChua C.h, M.; Chui, C.K. ; Rai, B.; Lau D.p, D.
2-Apr-2013Device for laparoscopic or thoracoscopic surgeryPANG, AH SAN; ONG, CHONG JIN ; CHUI, CHEE KONG 
2013Embedded real-time model predictive control for glucose regulationChui, C.-K. ; Nguyen, B.P. ; Ho, Y.; Wu, Z.; Nguyen, M.; Hong, G.-S. ; Mok, D.; Sun, S.; Chang, S.
1-Feb-2013Ensemble-based regression analysis of multimodal medical data for osteopenia diagnosisTay, W.-L.; Chui, C.-K. ; Ong, S.-H. ; Ng, A.C.-M.
2013Evaluation of radiofrequency ablation using magnetic resonance elastographyLi, B.N.; Shen, Z.H.; Chui, C.K. ; Numano, T.; Washio, T.; Kobayashi, E.
2015Examination of a novel double diabetes modelEigner G; Kurtan B; Rudas I.J; Kong C.C ; Kovacs L.A.
2009Experimental setup of hemilarynx model for microlaryngeal surgery applicationsChoo, J.Q.; Lau, D.P.C.; Chui, C.K. ; Yang, T.; Teoh, S.H.
2013Experiments of carbon nanocomposite implants for patient specific ENT careChua, M.; Chui, C.-K. ; Chng, C.-B.; Lau, D.
Feb-2010Fast segmentation of bone in CT images using 3D adaptive thresholdingZhang, J. ; Yan, C.-H. ; Chui, C.-K. ; Ong, S.-H. 
2008Flexible liver-needle navigation using fish-like robotic elementsHamzavi, N.; Chui, C.-K. ; Chui, C.-C.; Eghtesad, M.; Moradi, P.; Chang, S.
2006Flow visualization for interactive simulation of drugs injection during chemoembolizationChui, C.-K. ; Cai, Y.; Wang, Z. ; Ye, X.; Anderson, J.H.; Teoh, S.-H. ; Sakuma, I.
2011Gallbladder modeling and simulation in laparoscopic cholecystectomyZhang, J.; Huang, W.; Zhou, J.; Yang, T.; Liu, J.; Su, Y.; Chui, C.K. ; Chang, S.
Aug-2013Glucose-insulin regulation model with subcutaneous insulin injection and evaluation using diabetic inpatients dataWu, Z.; Chui, C.K. ; Hong, G.S. ; Khoo, E.; Chang, S.