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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2005Damage monitoring in aluminum-foam sandwich structures based on thermoplastic fibre-metal laminates using fibre Bragg gratingsKuang, K.S.C. ; Cantwell, W.J.; Zhang, L.; Bennion, I.; Maalej, M. ; Quek, S.T. 
2004Damage quantification of flexurally loaded RC Slab using frequency response dataKoh, S.J.A.; Maalej, M. ; Quek, S.T. 
Jun-2005Effect of beam size and FRP thickness on interfacial shear stress concentration and failure mode of FRP-strengthened beamsMaalej, M. ; Leong, K.S.
Jun-2005Engineered cementitious composites for effective FRP-strengthening of RC beamsMaalej, M. ; Leong, K.S.
Sep-2000Externally bonded fiber-reinforced polymer for rehabilitation of corrosion damaged concrete beamsBonacci, J.F.; Maalej, M. 
Mar-2000Externally bonded FRP for service-life extension of RC infrastructureBonacci, J.F.; Maalej, M. 
2000Fiber optic sensing and intelligent processing of sensor data for structural health monitoringMaalej, M. ; Rizkalla, S.H.
2004Fiber optic sensing for monitoring corrosion-induced damageMaalej, M. ; Ahmed, S.F.U.; Kuang, K.S.C. ; Paramasivam, P. 
May-2007Flexural responses of hybrid steel-polyethylene fiber reinforced cement composites containing high volume fly ashAhmed, S.F.U.; Maalej, M. ; Paramasivam, P. 
2006Hybrid optical fiber sensor system based on fiber Bragg gratings and plastic optical fibers for health monitoring of engineering structuresKuang, K.S.C. ; Maalej, M. ; Quek, S.T. 
Dec-2001Interfacial shear stress concentration in FRP-strengthened beamsMaalej, M. ; Bian, Y.
Feb-2003Modelling of rectangular RC columns strengthened with FRPMaalej, M. ; Tanwongsval, S.; Paramasivam, P. 
24-Feb-2009Plastic optical fiber sensorKUANG, SZE-CHIANG KEVIN ; QUEK, SER TONG ; MAALEJ, MOHAMED 
2005Plastic optical fibre sensor for structural health monitoringKuang, K.S.C. ; Quek, S.T. ; Maalej, M. 
2005Polymer-based optical fiber sensors for health monitoring of engineering structuresKuang, K.S.C. ; Quek, S.T. ; Maalej, M. 
3-Oct-2008Remote flood monitoring system based on plastic optical fibres and wireless motesKuang, K.S.C. ; Quek, S.T. ; Maalej, M. 
Mar-2005Shear strengthening of RC deep beams using externally bonded FRP systemsIslam, M.R.; Mansur, M.A. ; Maalej, M. 
Jun-2003Strengthening of RC wall-like columns with FRP under sustained loadingTanwongsval, S.; Maalej, M. ; Paramasivam, P. 
Aug-2002Structural health monitoring of smart structuresMaalej, M. ; Karasaridis, A.; Pantazopoulou, S.; Hatzinakos, D.
1-May-2001Tensile properties of short fiber composites with fiber strength distributionMaalej, M.