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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A web-based integrated process planning and scheduling systemWang, Y.F.; Zhang, Y.F. ; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Zhou, Z.D.; Xue, L.G.; Lou, P.
20-Aug-2003A Windows-native 3D plastic injection mold design systemKong, L.; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Lee, K.S. ; Liu, X.L.; Ling, L.S.; Zhang, Y.F. ; Nee, A.Y.C. 
Dec-2007Abnormal grain growth of WC with small amount of cobaltLi, T.; Li, Q.; Lu, L. ; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Yu, P.C.
2008Adaptive granular concurrency control for replicated collaborative feature modelingLi, M.; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Zhang, Y.F. ; Gao, S.
2007Adaptive vertex quantization for mesh compressionQiu, Z.M. ; Wong, Y.S. ; Fuh, J.Y.H. 
15-Apr-2005Advances in collaborative CAD: The-state-of-the artFuh, J.Y.H. ; Li, W.D.
2004Advances in collaborative CAD: The-state-of-the-artFuh, J.Y.H. ; Li, W.D.
2005An adaptable model for distributed collaborative designChen, X.L.; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Wong, Y.S. ; Lu, Y.Q.; Li, W.D.; Qiu, Z.M. 
Apr-2004An adaptive and upgradable agent-based system for coordinated product development and manufactureJia, H.Z. ; Ong, S.K. ; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Zhang, Y.F. ; Nee, A.Y.C. 
Nov-2006An agent-based distributed manufacturing systemLi, J.; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Zhang, Y.F. ; Nee, A.Y.C. 
2014An agent-based distributed process planning and scheduling systemWang, Y.F.; Zhang, Y.F.; Fuh, J.Y.H. 
May-2005An algorithm for disintegrating large and complex rapid prototyping objects in a CAD environmentTang, Y. ; Loh, H.T. ; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Wong, Y.S. ; Lee, S.H.
2008An Ant colony optimization approach to disassembly planningLu, C.; Huang, H.Z.; Zheng, B.; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Wong, Y.S. 
1997An approach to automating modular fixture design and assemblyDai, J.R.; Nee, A.Y.C. ; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Senthil Kumar, A. 
2006An approach to minimize build errors in direct metal laser sinteringNing, Y.; Wong, Y.S. ; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Loh, H.T. 
Apr-2004An efficient cutter contact curve tool path regeneration algorithm for sculptured surface machiningZhang, L.P.; Nee, A.Y.C. ; Fuh, J.Y.H. 
2001An efficient scanning pattern for layered manufacturing processesYang, Y.; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Loh, H.T. ; Wang, Y.G.
2008An integrated approach to reactive scheduling subject to machine breakdownWang, Y.F.; Zhang, Y.F. ; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Zhou, Z.D.; Lou, P.; Xue, L.G.
Oct-1993An integrated fixture planning and analysis system for machining processesFuh, J.Y.H. ; Chang, C.-H.; Melkanoff, M.A.
1-Jan-2004An intelligent parameter selection system for the direct metal laser sintering processNing, Y.; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Wong, Y.S. ; Loh, H.T.