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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2013Temporal changes in retinal microvascular caliber and blood pressure during pregnancyLupton, S.J.; Chiu, C.L.; Hodgson, L.A.B.; Tooher, J.; Lujic, S.; Ogle, R.; Wong, T. ; Hennessy, A.; Lind, J.M.
Jun-2012Ten-year evolution of retinopathy lesions in an older nondiabetic populationWang, J.J.; Rochtchina, E.; Kaushik, S.; Kifley, A.; Cugati, S.; Wong, T.Y. ; Mitchell, P.
Aug-2011Ten-year longitudinal changes in retinal microvascular lesions: The atherosclerosis risk in communities studyLiew, G.; Campbell, S.; Klein, R.; Klein, B.E.K.; Sharrett, A.R.; Cotch, M.F.; Wang, J.J.; Wong, T.Y. 
Feb-2013The association between ocular biometry and retinal vascular caliber is comparable from early childhood to adolescenceGopinath, B.; Wang, J.J.; Kifley, A.; Tan, A.G.; Wong, T.Y. ; Mitchell, P.
25-Feb-2013The association of aspirin use with age-related macular degenerationLiew, G.; Mitchell, P.; Wong, T.Y. ; Rochtchina, E.; Wang, J.J.
1-Nov-2002The association of cataract and cataract surgery with the long-term incidence of age-related maculopathy: The Beaver Dam Eye StudyKlein, R.; Klein, B.E.K.; Wong, T.Y. ; Tomany, S.C.; Cruickshanks, K.J.
20-Dec-2012The Association of Systemic Microvascular Changes with Lung Function and Lung Density: A Cross-Sectional StudyHarris, B.; Klein, R.; Jerosch-Herold, M.; Hoffman, E.A.; Ahmed, F.S.; Jacobs Jr., D.R.; Klein, B.E.K.; Wong, T.Y. ; Lima, J.A.C.; Cotch, M.F.; Barr, R.G.
Dec-2009The Associations Between Blood Levels of Homocysteine, Folate, Vitamin B12, and Retinal Vascular CaliberGopinath, B.; Wang, J.J.; Flood, V.M.; Burlutsky, G.; Wong, T.Y. ; Mitchell, P.
24-Oct-2013The economic cost of myopia in adults aged over 40 years in SingaporeZheng, Y.-F.; Pan, C.-W.; Chay, J.; Wong, T.Y. ; Finkelstein, E.; Saw, S.-M. 
2004The epidemiology of acute endophthalmitis after cataract surgery in an Asian populationWong, T.Y. ; Chee, S.-P.
2006The epidemiology of age related eye diseases in AsiaWong, T.Y. ; Loon, S.-C.; Saw, S.-M. 
2001The epidemiology of ocular trauma in Singapore: Perspective from the emergency service of a large tertiary hospitalVoon, L.W.; See, J.; Wong, T.Y. 
2007The Eye in HypertensionWong, T.Y. ; Mitchell, P.
Mar-2011The heritability and sibling risk of angle closure in AsiansAmerasinghe, N.; Zhang, J.; Thalamuthu, A.; He, M.; Vithana, E.N.; Viswanathan, A.; Wong, T.Y. ; Foster, P.J.; Aung, T.
Jun-2012The impact of bilateral or unilateral cataract surgery on visual functioning: When does second eye cataract surgery benefit patients?Tan, A.C.S.; Tay, W.T.; Zheng, Y.F.; Tan, A.G.; Wang, J.J.; Mitchell, P.; Wong, T.Y. ; Lamoureux, E.L.
Jul-2012The impact of cataract, cataract types, and cataract grades on vision-specific functioning using rasch analysisChew, M.; Chiang, P.P.-C.; Zheng, Y.; Lavanya, R.; Wu, R.; Saw, S.M. ; Wong, T.Y. ; Lamoureux, E.L.
2009The impact of corrected and uncorrected refractive error on visual functioning: The Singapore Malay Eye StudyLamoureux, E.L.; Wong, T.Y. ; Aung, T. ; Saw, S.-M. ; Thumboo, J. ; Wee, H.L. ; Mitchell, P.
10-Aug-2016The impact of macronutrients on retinal microvasculature among Singapore pregnant women during the mid-late gestationLi, Ling-Jun ; Ong, Peng Guan; Colega, Marjorelee T.; Han, Yixian Chad; Chen, Ling Wei; Kidd, Ryan Man Eyn; Lamoureux, Ecosse ; Gluckman, Peter; Kwek, Kenneth; Chong, Yap-Seng ; Saw, Seang Mei ; Godfrey, Keith M.; Wong, Tien Yin ; Chong, Foong Fong Mary 
Apr-2009The incidence of neuro-ophthalmic diseases in Singapore: A prospective study in public hospitalsLim, S.A.; Wong, W.L.; Fu, E.; Goh, K.Y.; Seah, A.; Tan, C.; Tow, S.; Cullen, J.F.; Wong, T.Y. 
2009The influence of birth size on intelligence in healthy childrenBroekman, B.F.P. ; Chan, Y.-H.; Chong, Y.-S. ; Quek, S.-C. ; Fung, D. ; Ooi, Y.-P.; Low, Y.-L. ; Gluckman, P.D. ; Meaney, M.J.; Wong, T.-Y. ; Saw, S.-M.