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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2009Major Eye Diseases and Risk Factors Associated with Systemic Hypertension in an Adult Chinese Population. The Beijing Eye StudyWang, S.; Xu, L.; Jonas, J.B.; Wong, T.Y. ; Cui, T.; Li, Y.; Wang, Y.X.; You, Q.S.; Yang, H.; Sun, C.
22-Aug-2007Management of diabetic retinopathy: A systematic reviewMohamed, Q.; Gillies, M.C.; Wong, T.Y. 
Mar-2014Management paradigms for diabetic macular edemaMitchell, P.; Wong, T.Y. 
13-Feb-2014Measurement of macular fractal dimension using a computer-assisted programThomas, G.N.; Ong, S.-Y.; Tham, Y.C.; Hsu, W. ; Lee, M.L. ; Lau, Q.P.; Tay, W.; Alessi-Calandro, J.; Hodgson, L.; Kawasaki, R.; Wong, T.Y. ; Cheung, C.Y.
Jan-2007Measurement of retinal vascular caliber: Issues and alternatives to using the arteriole to venule ratioLiew, G.; Sharrett, A.R.; Kronmal, R.; Klein, R.; Tien, Y.W. ; Mitchell, P.; Kifley, A.; Jie, J.W.
2005Medication use and retinal vessel diametersWong, T.Y. ; Knudtson, M.D.; Klein, B.E.K.; Klein, R.; Hubbard, L.D.
Aug-2012Meta-analysis identifies multiple loci associated with kidney function-related traits in east Asian populationsOkada, Y.; Sim, X. ; Go, M.J.; Wu, J.-Y.; Gu, D.; Takeuchi, F.; Takahashi, A.; Maeda, S.; Tsunoda, T.; Chen, P.; Lim, S.-C. ; Wong, T.-Y. ; Liu, J.; Young, T.L.; Aung, T.; Seielstad, M.; Teo, Y.-Y. ; Kim, Y.J.; Lee, J.-Y.; Han, B.-G.; Kang, D.; Chen, C.-H.; Tsai, F.-J.; Chang, L.-C.; Cathy Fann, S.-J.C.; Mei, H.; Rao, D.C.; Hixson, J.E.; Chen, S.; Katsuya, T.; Isono, M.; Ogihara, T.; Chambers, J.C.; Zhang, W.; Kooner, J.S.; Albrecht, E.; Yamamoto, K.; Kubo, M.; Nakamura, Y.; Kamatani, N.; Kato, N.; He, J.; Chen, Y.-T.; Cho, Y.S.; Tai, E.-S.; Tanaka, T.
Jun-2011Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies identifies common variants associated with blood pressure variation in east AsiansKato, N.; Takeuchi, F.; Tabara, Y.; Kelly, T.N.; Go, M.J.; Sim, X. ; Tay, W.T.; Chen, C.-H.; Zhang, Y.; Yamamoto, K.; Katsuya, T.; Yokota, M.; Kim, Y.J.; Ong, R.T.H. ; Nabika, T.; Gu, D.; Chang, L.-C.; Kokubo, Y.; Huang, W.; Ohnaka, K.; Yamori, Y.; Nakashima, E.; Jaquish, C.E.; Lee, J.-Y.; Seielstad, M.; Isono, M.; Hixson, J.E.; Chen, Y.-T.; Miki, T.; Zhou, X.; Sugiyama, T.; Jeon, J.-P.; Liu, J.J.; Takayanagi, R.; Kim, S.S.; Aung, T.; Sung, Y.J.; Zhang, X.; Wong, T.Y. ; Han, B.-G.; Kobayashi, S.; Ogihara, T.; Zhu, D.; Iwai, N.; Wu, J.-Y.; Teo, Y.Y. ; Tai, E.S.; Cho, Y.S.; He, J.
Jan-2012Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies identifies eight new loci for type 2 diabetes in east AsiansCho, Y.S.; Chen, C.-H.; Hu, C.; Long, J.; Hee Ong, R.T. ; Sim, X. ; Takeuchi, F.; Wu, Y.; Go, M.J.; Yamauchi, T.; Chang, Y.-C.; Kwak, S.H.; Ma, R.C.W.; Yamamoto, K.; Adair, L.S.; Aung, T.; Cai, Q.; Chang, L.-C.; Chen, Y.-T.; Gao, Y.; Hu, F.B.; Kim, H.-L.; Kim, S.; Kim, Y.J.; Lee, J.J.-M. ; Lee, N.R.; Li, Y.; Liu, J.J.; Lu, W.; Nakamura, J.; Nakashima, E.; Ng, D.P.-K. ; Tay, W.T.; Tsai, F.-J.; Wong, T.Y. ; Yokota, M.; Zheng, W.; Zhang, R.; Wang, C.; So, W.Y.; Ohnaka, K.; Ikegami, H.; Hara, K.; Cho, Y.M.; Cho, N.H.; Chang, T.-J.; Bao, Y.; Hedman, A.K.; Morris, A.P.; McCarthy, M.I.; Takayanagi, R.; Park, K.S.; Jia, W.; Chuang, L.-M.; Chan, J.C.N.; Maeda, S.; Kadowaki, T.; Lee, J.-Y.; Wu, J.-Y.; Teo, Y.Y. ; Tai, E.S.; Shu, X.O.; Mohlke, K.L.; Kato, N.; Han, B.-G.; Seielstad, M.
2015Meta-analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies Identifies Novel Loci Associated With Optic Disc MorphologySpringelkamp, Henriet; Mishra, Aniket; Hysi, Pirro G.; Gharahkhani, Puyo; Hohn, Rene; Khor, Chiea Chuen ; Cooke, Bailey Jessica N.; Luo Xiaoyan; Ramdas, Wishal D.; Vithana, Eranga Nishanthie ; Koh, Victor; Yazar, Seyhan; Xu, Liang; Forward, H.; Kearns, L.S.; Amin, N.; Iglesias, A.I.; Sim, K.-S.; van Leeuwen, E.M.; Demirkan, A.; van der Lee, S.; Loon, Seng-Chee; Rivadeneira, F.; Nag, A.; Sanfilippo, P.G.; Schillert, A.; de Jong, P.T.V.M.; Oostra, B.A.; Uitterlinden, A.G.; Hofman, A.; Zhou, T.; Burdon, K.P.; Spector, T.D.; Lackner, K.J.; Saw, Seang-Mei ; Vingerling, J.R.; Teo,Yik-Ying ; Pasquale L.R.; Wolfs, R.C.W.; Lemij, H.G.; Tai, E.-Shyong ; Jonas, J.B.; Cheng, Ching-Yu ; Aung, Tin ; Jansonius, N.M.; Klaver, C.C.W.; Craig, J.E.; Young, T.L.; Haines, J.L.; Macgregor, S.; Mackey, D.A.; Pfeiffer, N.; Wong, Tien Yin ; Wiggs, J.L.; Hewitt, A.W.; van Duijn, C.M.; Hammond, C.J.; Allingham, R.R.; Brilliant, M.H.; Budenz, D.L.; Bailey, J.N.C.; Christen, W.G.; Fingert, J.; Gaasterland, D.; Gaasterland, T.; Hauser, M.A.; Kang, J.H.; Kraft, P.; Lee, R.K.; Lichter, P.A.; Liu, Y.; Loomis, S.J.; Moroi, S.E.; Pericak-Vance, M.A.; Realini, A.; Richards, J.E.; Schuman, J.S.; Scott, W.K.; Singh, K.; Sit, A.J.; Vollrath, D.; Weinreb, R.N.; Wollstein, G.; Zack, D.J.; Zhang, K.
Jul-2013Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies in five cohorts reveals common variants in RBFOX1, a regulator of tissue-specific splicing, associated with refractive errorStambolian, D.; Wojciechowski, R.; Oexle, K.; Pirastu, M.; Li, X.; Raffe, L.J.; Cotch, M.F.; Chew, E.Y.; Klein, B.; Klein, R.; Wong, T.Y. ; Simpson, C.L.; Klaver, C.C.W.; van Duijn, C.M.; Verhoeven, V.J.M.; Baird, P.N.; Vitart, V.; Paterson, A.D.; Mitchell, P.; Saw, S.M. ; Fossarello, M.; Kazmierkiewicz, K.; Murgia, F.; Portas, L.; Schache, M.; Richardson, A.; Xie, J.; Wang, J.J.; Rochtchina, E.; Viswanathan, A.C.; Hayward, C.; Wright, A.F.; Polašek, O.; Campbell, H.; Rudan, I.; Oostra, B.A.; Uitterlinden, A.G.; Hofman, A.; Rivadeneira, F.; Amin, N.; Karssen, L.C.; Vingerling, J.R.; Hosseini, S.M.; Döring, A.; Bettecken, T.; Vatavuk, Z.; Gieger, C.; Wichmann, H.-E.; Wilson, J.F.; Fleck, B.; Foster, P.J.; Topouzis, F.; McGuffin, P.; Sim, X. ; Inouye, M.; Holliday, E.G.; Attia, J.; Scott, R.J.; Rotter, J.I.; Meitinger, T.; Bailey-Wilson, J.E.
2009Meta-analysis: Retinal vessel caliber and risk for coronary heart diseaseWong, T.Y. ; McGeechan, K.; Macaskill, P.; Irwig, L.; Liew, G.; Wang, J.J.; Mitchell, P.; Klein, R.; Klein, B.E.K.; Vingerling, J.R.; Witteman, J.C.M.; Breteler, M.M.B.; DeJong, P.T.V.M.; Shaw, J.; Zimmet, P.
Feb-2013Metabolic syndrome and mortality in the elderly: A time-dependent associationGhaem Maralani, H.; Tai, B.C. ; Wong, T.Y. ; Tai, E.S.; Li, J. ; Wang, J.J.; Mitchell, P.
Jan-2013Metabolic syndrome and risk of age-related cataract over time: An analysis of interval-censored data using a random-effects modelMaralani, H.G.; Tai, B.C. ; Wong, T.Y. ; Tai, E.S.; Li, J. ; Wang, J.J.; Mitchell, P.
2015Metabolic syndrome and risk of age-related macular degenerationGhaem, Haleh; Tai, Bee Choo ; Wong Tien Yin ; Tai, E. Shyong ; Li, Jialiang ; Wang, Jie Jin; Mitchell, Paul James
Apr-2011Metabolic syndrome components and age-related cataract: The Singapore Malay Eye StudySabanayagam, C.; Wang, J.J.; Mitchell, P.; Tan, A.G.; Tai, E.S.; Aung, T.; Saw, S.-M. ; Wong, T.Y. 
23-Apr-2013Method and system for determining the position of an optic cup boundaryWONG, WING KEE DAMON; LIU, JIANG ; LIM, JOO HWEE; LI, HUIQI ; TAN, NGAN MENG; WONG, TIEN YIN 
2009Methodology of the Singapore Indian Chinese Cohort (SICC) eye study: Quantifying ethnic variations in the epidemiology of eye diseases in AsiansLavanya, R.; Jeganathan, V.S.E.; Zheng, Y.; Raju, P.; Lamoureux, E.; Cajucom-Uy, H.; Aung, T. ; Saw, S.M. ; Wong, T.Y. ; Cheung, N.; Wang, J.J.; Tai, E.S. ; Mitchell, P.; Young, T.L.; Foster, P.J.
2009Methodology of the Singapore Indian Chinese Cohort (SICC) eye study: Quantifying ethnic variations in the epidemiology of eye diseases in AsiansLavanya, R.; Jeganathan, V.S.E.; Zheng, Y.; Raju, P.; Lamoureux, E.; Cajucom-Uy, H.; Aung, T. ; Saw, S.M. ; Wong, T.Y. ; Cheung, N.; Wang, J.J.; Tai, E.S. ; Mitchell, P.; Young, T.L. ; Foster, P.J.
1-Dec-2013Microvascular abnormality in schizophrenia as shown by retinal imagingMeier, M.H.; Shalev, I.; Moffitt, T.E.; Kapur, S.; Keefe, R.S.E.; Wong, T.Y. ; Belsky, D.W.; Harrington, H.; Hogan, S.; Houts, R.; Caspi, A.; Poulton, R.