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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Recognizing implicit discourse relations in the Penn Discourse TreebankLin, Z.; Kan, M.-Y. ; Ng, H.T. 
2008Record matching in digital library metadataKan, M.-Y. ; Tan, Y.F.
2019Resource Mention Extraction for MOOC Discussion ForumsAn, Ya-Hui; Pan, Liangming; Kan, Min-Yen ; Dong, Qiang; Fu, Yan
2011Robust argumentative zoning for sensemaking in scholarly documentsTeufel, S.; Kan, M.-Y. 
2008Scholarly digital libraries at scale: Introduction to the special issue on very large digital librariesKan, M.-Y. ; Lee, D.; Lim, E.-P.
2013Scholarly Paper Recommendation DatasetsKazunari Sugiyama ; Min-Yen Kan 
2010Scholarly paper recommendation via user's recent research interestsSugiyama, K. ; Kan, M.-Y. 
2006Search engine driven author disambiguationTan, Y.F.; Kan, M.-Y. ; Lee, D.
2020Semantic Graphs for Generating Deep QuestionsLiangming Pan; Yuxi Xie; Yansong Feng; Tat Seng Chua ; Min-Yen Kan 
2019Sentiment Aware Neural Machine TranslationChenglei Si; Kui Wu; Ai Ti Aw; Min-Yen Kan 
20-Jul-2018Sequicity: Simplifying Task-oriented Dialogue Systems with Single Sequence-to-Sequence ArchitecturesWenqiang Lei ; Xisen Jin; Min-Yen Kan ; Zhaochun Ren; Xiangnan He ; Dawei Yin.
2011Serendipitous recommendation for scholarly papers considering relations among researchersSugiyama, K. ; Kan, M.-Y. 
2008Slide image retrieval: A preliminary studyLiew, G.M.; Kan, M.-Y. 
2007SlideSeer: A digital library of aligned document and presentation pairsKan, M.-Y. 
2007Soft pattern matching models for definitional question answeringCui, H.; Kan, M.-Y. ; Chua, T.-S. 
2004Stylistic and lexical co-training for Web block classificationLee, C.H.; Kan, M.-Y. ; Lai, S.
2007Supervised categorization of JavaScriptTM using program analysis featuresLu, W.; Kan, M.-Y. 
2005Supervised categorization of JavaScript™ using program analysis featuresLu, W. ; Kan, M.-Y. 
2006Syllabic level automatic synchronization of music signals and text lyricsIskandar, D.; Wang, Y. ; Kan, M.-Y. ; Li, H.
2018The ACL Anthology: Current State and Future DirectionsDaniel Gildea; Min-Yen Kan ; Nitin Madnani; Christoph Teichmann; Martín Villalba