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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2010Quantitative determination of the diagnostic accuracy of the synovitis score and its componentsSlansky, E.; Li, J. ; Häupl, T.; Morawietz, L.; Krenn, V.; Pessler, F.
Nov-2010Recursive subsetting to identify patients in the STAR*D: A method to enhance the accuracy of early prediction of treatment outcome and to inform personalized careKuk, A.Y.C. ; Li, J. ; Rush, A.J. 
Jul-2011Reduced breath condensate pH in asymptomatic children with prior wheezing as a risk factor for asthmaVon Jagwitz, M.; Pessler, F.; Akmatov, M.; Li, J. ; Range, U.; Vogelberg, C.
1-May-2008Relationship Between Neurocognitive Function and Quality of Life After Whole-Brain Radiotherapy in Patients With Brain MetastasisLi, J.; Bentzen, S.M.; Li, J. ; Renschler, M.; Mehta, M.P.
Jul-2008ROC analysis with multiple classes and multiple tests: Methodology and its application in microarray studiesLi, J. ; Fine, J.P.
Jul-2008ROC analysis with multiple classes and multiple tests: Methodology and its application in microarray studiesLi, J. ; Fine, J.P.
Apr-2010Selection of covariance patterns for longitudinal data in semi-parametric modelsLi, J. ; Wong, W.K.
29-Jan-2018Semiparametric model average prediction in panel data analysisTao Huang; Jialiang Li 
2009Semiparametric residuals and analysis for a scleroderma clinical trialLi, J. 
10-May-2014Semiparametric varying-coefficient model for interval censored data with a cured proportionShao, F.; Li, J. ; Ma, S.; Lee, M.-L.T.
1-Jul-2009Serum gamma-glutamyl transferase level and diabetes mellitus among US adultsSabanayagam, Charumathi ; Shankar, Anoop; Li, Jialiang ; Pollard, Cecil; Ducatman, Alan
Jul-2008Serum gamma-glutamyltransferase level and peripheral arterial diseaseShankar, A.; Li, J. ; Klein, B.E.K.; Javier Nieto, F.; Klein, R.
Apr-2010Simultaneous confidence intervals for semiparametric logistics regression and confidence regions for the multi-dimensional effective doseLi, J. ; Zhang, C.; Doksum, K.A.; Nordheim, E.V.
Feb-2014Sorting multiple classes in multi-dimensional ROC analysis: Parametric and nonparametric approachesLi, J. ; Chow, Y.; Wong, W.K.; Wong, T.Y.
Nov-2013Spot urine tests in predicting 24-hour urine sodium excretion in asian patientsSubramanian, S.; Teo, B.W.; Toh, Q.C.; Koh, Y.Y.; Li, J. ; Sethi, S.; Lee, E.J.C.
10-Jul-2018Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial of choral singing intervention to prevent cognitive decline in at-risk older adults living in the communityTan J.; Maurine Tsakok F.H.; Ow E.K.; Lanskey B. ; Lim K.S.D.; Goh L.G. ; Tan C.-H. ; Cheah I.K. ; Larbi A.; Foo R.; Loh M.; Wong C.K.Y.; Suckling J.; Li J. ; Mahendran R. ; Kua E.-H. ; Feng L. 
Nov-2013Tea consumption and mortality in the oldest-old ChineseRuan, R.; Feng, L.; Li, J. ; Ng, T.-P.; Zeng, Y.
2012Tea drinking and cognitive function in oldest-old ChineseFeng, Lei ; Li, Jialiang ; Ng, Tze Pin ; Lee, T. -S.; Kua, Ee Heok ; Zeng, Y.
1-Jan-2019The Association between Mushroom Consumption and Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Community-Based Cross-Sectional Study in SingaporeFENG, LEI ; CHEAH, IRWIN KEE-MUN ; NG, MAISIE MEI-XI; LI, JIALIANG ; CHAN, SUE MEI ; LIM, SU LIN ; MAHENDRAN, RATHI ; KUA, EE-HEOK ; HALLIWELL, BARRY 
Apr-2008The association between plasma adiponectin level and hypertensionShankar, A.; Marshall, S.; Li, J.