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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2008Estimation and confidence regions for multi-dimensional effective doseLi, J. ; Nordheim, E.V.; Zhang, C.; Lehner, C.E.
Aug-2012Estimation and model selection in a class of semiparametric models for cluster dataSun, Y.; Li, J. ; Zhang, W.
1-Dec-2018Factor models for asset returns based on transformed factorsLi, J ; Zhang, W ; Kong, E 
Jul-2011GFR estimating equations in a multiethnic asian populationTeo, B.W.; Xu, H.; Wang, D.; Li, J. ; Sinha, A.K.; Shuter, B.; Sethi, S.; Lee, E.J.C.
Feb-2014Glomerular filtration rates in healthy Asians without kidney diseaseTeo, B.W.; Xu, H.; Koh, Y.Y.; Li, J. ; Subramanian, S.; Sinha, A.K.; Shuter, B.; Toh, Q.C.; Sethi, S.; Lee, E.J.C.
Aug-2012Goodness-of-fit tests for correlated paired binary dataTang, M.-L.; Pei, Y.-B.; Wong, W.-K.; Li, J.-L. 
15-Feb-2017Hazards Regression for Freemium Products and Services: a Competing Risks ApproachDacheng Chen; Jialiang Li ; Juin Chong 
1-Jun-2014HUM calculator and HUM package for R: Easy-to-use software tools for multicategory receiver operating characteristic analysisNovoselova, N.; Della Beffa, C.; Wang, J.; Li, J. ; Pessler, F.; Klawonn, F.
Mar-2010Identification of broadly discriminatory tissue biomarkers of synovitis with binary and multicategory receiver operating characteristic analysisOgdie, A.; Li, J. ; Dai, L.; Paessler, M.E.; Yu, X.; Diaz-Torne, C.; Akmatov, M.; Schumacher, H.R.; Pessler, F.
1-Oct-2009Impact of unknown covariance structures in semiparametric models for longitudinal data: An application to Wisconsin diabetes dataLi, J. ; Xia, Y. ; Palta, M.; Shankar, A.
Aug-2011Importance sampling as a variational approximationNott, D.J. ; Li, J. ; Fielding, M. 
2013Inappropriate empirical antimicrobial therapy for multidrug-resistant organisms in critically ill patients with pneumonia is not an independent risk factor for mortality: Results of a prospective observational study of 758 patientsVasudevan, A.; Chuang, L.; Jialiang, L. ; Mukhopadhyay, A.; Goh, E.Y.-Y.; Tambyah, P.A.
2015Instrumental variable additive hazards modelsLi, Jialiang ; Fine, Jason P.; Brookhart, Alan Alan
Aug-2010Interval-censored data with repeated measurements and a cured subgroupLi, J. ; Ma, S.
Feb-2013Metabolic syndrome and mortality in the elderly: A time-dependent associationGhaem Maralani, H.; Tai, B.C. ; Wong, T.Y. ; Tai, E.S.; Li, J. ; Wang, J.J.; Mitchell, P.
Jan-2013Metabolic syndrome and risk of age-related cataract over time: An analysis of interval-censored data using a random-effects modelMaralani, H.G.; Tai, B.C. ; Wong, T.Y. ; Tai, E.S.; Li, J. ; Wang, J.J.; Mitchell, P.
2015Metabolic syndrome and risk of age-related macular degenerationGhaem, Haleh; Tai, Bee Choo ; Wong Tien Yin ; Tai, E. Shyong ; Li, Jialiang ; Wang, Jie Jin; Mitchell, Paul James
11-Apr-2017Multi-category Diagnostic Accuracy based on Logistic RegressionLi Jialiang ; Jason P. Fine; Michael J. Pencina
Apr-2013Multicategory reclassification statistics for assessing improvements in diagnostic accuracyLi, J. ; Jiang, B.; Fine, J.P.
1-Dec-2009Nonparametric and semiparametric estimation of the three way receiver operating characteristic surfaceLi, J. ; Zhou, X.-H.