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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2013The Permanence of Temporary Services: The Reliance of Canadian Federal Departments on Policy & Management ConsultantsHowlett, Michael ; Yong, Pung How; Migone, A.
Feb-2014The Politics of Policy Anomalies: Bricolage and the Hermeneutics of ParadigmsWilder, Matt; Howlett, Michael 
18-Jul-2016The Role and Impact of the Multiple-Streams Approach in Comparative Policy Analysis: IntroductionDaniel Beland; Michael Howlett 
19-Jul-2016The Use of Indicators in Environmental Policy Appraisal: Lessons from the Design and Evolution of Water Security Policy MeasuresMichael Howlett ; Janet Cuenca
25-Aug-2009Transnational Learning and Environmental Policy AdviceHowlett, Michael ; Joshi-Koop, Sima
24-Jan-2017Understanding co-production as a policy tool: integrating new public governance and comparative policy theoryMichael Howlett ; Anka Kekez; Ora Poocharoen
22-Aug-2012Understanding Feasibility in Climate Change Adaptation Planning: Structural-Functionalism ...Wellstead, Adam; Howlett, Michael 
Feb-2014Understanding the pre-conditions of commons governance: The role of network managementGiest, S.; Howlett, M. 
11-Dec-2018Varieties of Collaboration in Public Service DeliveryAnka Kekez; Michael Howlett ; M Ramesh 
15-Sep-2015Weaving the Fabric of Public Policies: Comparing and Integrating Contemporary Frameworks for the Study of Policy ProcessesMichael Howlett ; Allan McConnell; Anthony Perl
10-Apr-2015Who is a stream? Epistemic communities, instrument constituencies and advocacy coalitions in public policy-makingMukherjee, Ishani ; Howlett, Michael Patrick