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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Mar-2007Quantum nonlocality of four-qubit entangled statesWu, C. ; Yeo, Y. ; Kwek, L.C. ; Oh, C.H. 
26-Nov-2004Quantum nonlocality of Heisenberg XX model with site-dependent coupling strengthWu, C. ; Chen, J.-L. ; Tong, D.M. ; Kwek, L.C. ; Oh, C.H. 
28-Aug-2013Quantum nonlocality of massive qubits in a moving frameSu, H.-Y.; Wu, Y.-C.; Chen, J.-L. ; Wu, C.; Kwek, L.C. 
2006Quantum nonlocality of N -qubit W statesWu, C. ; Chen, J.-L.; Kwek, L.C. ; Oh, C.H. 
2012Quantum phases with differing computational powerCui, J.; Gu, M.; Kwek, L.C. ; Santos, M.F.; Fan, H.; Vedral, V. 
18-Dec-2000Quantum roulette: An extended quantum strategyWang, X.-B. ; Kwek, L.C. ; Oh, C.H. 
20-Jan-2008Quantum spin current induced through optical dipole transition process in semiconductorsLiu, X.-J. ; Kwek, L.C. ; Oh, C.H. 
1-Jan-2005Quantum tomographic cryptography with Bell diagonal states: Nonequivalence of classical and quantum distillation protocolsKaszlikowski, D. ; Lim, J.Y.; Oi, D.K.L.; Willeboordse, F.H. ; Gopinathan, A.; Kwek, L.C. 
May-2004Quantum tunneling timeWang, Z.S.; Kwek, L.C. ; Lai, C.H. ; Oh, C.H. 
11-Dec-2006Quantum tunneling via quantum geometric phaseWang, Z.S. ; Kwek, L.C. ; Lai, C.H. ; Oh, C.H. 
16-Oct-2013Quantum Zeno effect of general quantum operationsLi, Y.; Herrera-Martí, D.A.; Kwek, L.C. 
Sep-2005Quantum-tomographic cryptography with a semiconductor single-photon sourceKaszlikowski, D. ; Kwek, L.C. ; Yang, L.J.; Yong, L.S.; Willeboordse, F.H. 
Jan-2003Quartic anharmonic oscillator and non-hermiticityChen, J.-L. ; Kwek, L.C. ; Oh, C.H. 
17-May-2012Quasideterministic realization of a universal quantum gate in a single scattering processCiccarello, F.; Browne, D.E.; Kwek, L.C. ; Schomerus, H.; Zarcone, M.; Bose, S.
8-Feb-2012Realizing the multiparticle Hanbury Brown-Twiss interferometer using nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond crystalsDai, L.; Kwek, L.C. 
Aug-2003Relation between geometric phases of entangled bipartite systems and their subsystemsTong, D.M. ; Sjöqvist, E.; Kwek, L.C. ; Oh, C.H. ; Ericsson, M.
28-Jul-2008Repeat-until-success distributed quantum computation by using single-photon interference at a beam splitterFeng, X.-L. ; Qian, J.; Kwek, L.C. ; Oh, C.H. 
2006Repeat-until-success quantum computing using stationary and flying qubitsLim, Y.L.; Barrett, S.D.; Beige, A.; Kok, P.; Kwek, L.C. 
2013Requirement of dissonance in assisted optimal state discriminationZhang, F.-L.; Chen, J.-L. ; Kwek, L.C. ; Vedral, V. 
19-Oct-2012Robust-fidelity atom-photon entangling gates in the weak-coupling regimeLi, Y.; Aolita, L.; Chang, D.E.; Kwek, L.C.