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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-1986Finite-difference methods for boundary-value problems of differential equations with deviating argumentsAgarwal, R.P. ; Chow, Y.M. 
15-Aug-2000Fixed point theory for generalized contractions on spaces with two metricsAgarwal, R.P. ; O'Regan, D.
1-Nov-2000Fixed point theory for k-CAR setsAgarwal, R.P. ; O'Regan, D.
15-Apr-2001Fixed point theory for self maps between Fréchet spacesAgarwal, R.P. ; O'Regan, D.
Nov-2000Fixed point theory in Frechet spaces and variational inequalitiesAgarwal, R.P. ; O'Regan, D.
Sep-2001Fixed-point theorems for countably condensing maps on Fréchet spacesAgarwal, R.P. ; O'Regan, D.
Nov-2003Fixed-point theorems for S-KKM mapsAgarwal, R.P. ; O'Regan, D.
2000Fixed-point theory for closed inward set valued mapsAgarwal, R.P. ; O'Regan, D.
Apr-2001Fixed-point theory for set valued mappings between topological vector spaces having sufficiently many linear functionalsAgarwal, R.P. ; O'Regan, D.
2000Fixed-sign solutions of a system of higher order difference equationsWong, P.J.Y.; Agarwal, R.P. 
Oct-2000Forced oscillation of nth-order nonlinear differential equationsAgarwal, R.P. ; Grace, S.R.
Aug-2001Further results on fixed-sign solutions for a system of higher-order difference equationsWong, P.J.Y.; Agarwal, R.P. 
Apr-1993Generalized Maximum Principle for Higher Order Ordinary Differential EquationsSheng, Q. ; Agarwal, R.P. 
2000Generalized multipoint conjugate Eigenvalue problemsWong, P.J.Y.; Agarwal, R.P. 
Dec-2002Generalized nonlinear mixed implicit quasi-variational inclusions with set-valued mappingsAgarwal, R.P. ; Huang, N.J.; Cho, Y.J.
Dec-1999Global existence for nonlinear operator inclusionsAgarwal, R.P. ; O'Regan, D.
Apr-2001Homotopy and existence of solutions for the nonlinear equation Lx∈NxAgarwal, R.P. ; O'Regan, D.
Mar-1998Improved discrete inequalities in n independent variablesAgarwal, R.P. ; Pečarić, J.; Brnetić, I.
1-Jan-1998Improved error bounds for freezing solutions of linear boundary value problemsQu, Ruibin ; Agarwal, Ravi P. 
Apr-1997Improved integral inequalities in n independent variablesAgarwal, R.P. ; Pečarić, J.; Brnetić, I.