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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Fabrication of two-dimensional nonlinear photonic crystal by electron beam lithographyKang, C.H.; Shen, Z.X. ; Tang, S.H. 
1999Femtosecond determination of optical nonlinearities in CdS, GaP, ZaO, ZnS, ZnSe and ZnTeYin, Ming; Sun, Xuan; Tang, Sing Hai ; Ji, Wei 
Jul-1998FT-IR study of the imidization process of photosensitive polyimide PMDA/ODALi, W.S. ; Shen, Z.X. ; Zheng, J.Z.; Tang, S.H. 
11-Aug-2003Generation of coherent terahertz radiation with multifrequency modes in a Fibonacci optical superlatticeQin, Y.-Q. ; Su, H. ; Tang, S.-H. 
29-Sep-1994High pressure phase transition studies of CsSnCl3Shen, Z.X. ; Loo, W.L.; Kuok, M.H. ; Tang, S.H. 
Mar-1993High pressure phase transition study of NaNO3 by raman spectroscopyTeo, K.L. ; Shen, Z.X. ; Kuok, M.H. ; Tang, S.H. 
1-Nov-1995High pressure Raman studies of 7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane (TCNQ) and CuTCNQHu, Z.P.; Shen, Z.X. ; Qin, L.; Tang, S.H. ; Kuok, M.H. ; Xu, G.Q. ; Mok, K.F. ; Huang, H.H. 
Aug-1994High pressure Raman studies of β-NaVO3Shen, Z.X. ; Ong, C.W.; Tang, S.H. ; Kuok, M.H. 
29-Sep-1994High pressure structural phase transitions in CsCdCl3Shen, Z.X. ; Loo, W.L.; Kuok, M.H. ; Tang, S.H. 
22-Nov-1996High temperature Raman study of phase transitions in antiferroelectric NaNbO3Wang, X.B.; Shen, Z.X. ; Hu, Z.P.; Qin, L.; Tang, S.H. ; Kuok, M.H. 
1994High-pressure phase transition of α-NaVO3 by Raman spectroscopyTang, S.H. ; Kuok, M.H. ; Shen, Z.X. ; Ong, C.W.
1995High-pressure phase transitions and pressure-induced amorphization in LiVO3Shen, Z.X. ; Ong, C.W.; Kuok, M.H. ; Tang, S.H. 
2000High-pressure Raman study and pressure-reduced phase transitions of sodium niobate NaNbO3Shen, Z.X. ; Wang, X.B.; Tang, S.H. ; Kuok, M.H. ; Malekfar, R.
1990High-reflectivity self-pumped phase conjugator using total internal reflection in KNbNO3:FeZhang, H.-Y.; He, X.H.; Chen, E.; Liu, Y.; Tang, S.H. ; Shen, D.-Z.; Jiang, D.-Y.
21-Oct-2012Improved electrical property of Sb-doped SnO 2 nanonets as measured by contact and non-contact approachesLiu, H.; Cheng, S.; Junpeng, L.; Minrui, Z.; Yong, L.K.; Mathews, N.; Mhaisalkar, S.G.; Hai, T.S. ; Xinhai, Z.; Haur, S.C. 
18-Feb-2009In vitro cancer cell imaging and therapy using transferrin-conjugated gold nanoparticlesLi, J.-L. ; Wang, L. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Zhang, Z.-P. ; Guo, H.-C. ; Liu, W.-M. ; Tang, S.-H. 
1999Influence of cooling rate on the phase transitions of ferroelectric liquid crystals, MBOPDOB and MBOPDoOBHe, L.; Shen, Z.X. ; Yin, Z.; Zhang, M.S.; Tang, S.H. 
10-Mar-2011Influence of magnetic field on terahertz wave generation in photorefractive periodically poled lithium niobate crystalLi, G.; Li, D.; Ma, G.; Liu, W. ; Tang, S.H. 
Jan-1993Infrared study of phases III, IV and V of NH4NO3Shen, Z.X. ; Kuok, M.H. ; Tang, S.H. ; Sherman, W.F.
8-Dec-2004Investigation of the steady-state stimulated thermal scattering in absorbing mediaSu, H. ; Tang, S.-H. ; Qin, Y.-Q. ; Ge, C.-W.; Zhang, W.-J.; Wang, S.-X.