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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Salticid predation as one potential driving force of ant mimicry in jumping spidersHuang, J.-N.; Cheng, R.-C.; Li, D. ; Tso, I.-M.
26-Jan-2007Sex-specific UV and fluorescence signals in jumping spidersLim, M.L.M. ; Land, M.F.; Li, D. 
May-2008Sexual dichromatism and male colour morph in ultraviolet-B reflectance in two populations of the jumping spider Phintella vittata (Araneae: Salticidae) from tropical ChinaLi, J.; Lim, M.L.M. ; Zhang, Z.; Liu, Q.; Liu, F.; Chen, J.; Li, D. 
31-Dec-2003Six new and one newly recorded species of Salticidae (Arachnida: Araneae) from Singapore and MalaysiaZhang, J.X.; Song, D.X.; Li, D. 
May-2009Social behaviour of spitting spiders (Araneae: Scytodidae) from SingaporeYap, L.-M.Y.L.; Li, D. 
Aug-2012Spectral transmission of the principal-eye corneas of jumping spiders: Implications for ultraviolet visionHu, Z.; Liu, F.; Xu, X.; Chen, Z.; Chen, J.; Li, D. 
7-Sep-2005Spiders that decorate their webs at higher frequency intercept more prey and grow fasterLi, D. 
7-Aug-2001Stabilimenta attract unwelcome predators to orb-websWee Khee Seah; Li, D. 
1-Dec-2002Stabilimentum variations in Argiope versicolor (Araneae: Araneidae) from SingaporeSeah, W.K.; Li, D. 
3-Jul-2003State-dependent prey type preferences of a kleptoparasitic spider Argyrodes flavescens (Araneae: Theridiidae)Koh, T.H.; Li, D. 
11-Oct-2013Studies on South-east Asian fireflies: Abscondita, a new genus with details of life history, flashing patterns and behaviour of Abs. chinensis (L.) and Abs. terminalis (Olivier) (Coleoptera: Lampyridae: LuciolinaeBallantyne, L.; Fu, X.; Lambkin, C.; Jeng, M.-L.; Faust, L.; Wijekoon, W.M.C.D.; Li, D. ; Zhu, T.
2002The combined effects of temperature and diet on development and survival of a crab spider, Misumenops tricuspidatus (Fabricius) (Araneae: Thomisidae)Li, D. 
Jan-2011The effects of abiotic and biotic factors on web-decorating behaviour of an orb-weaving spider, Cyclosa octotuberculata Karsch (Araneae: Araneidae)Gan, W.; Liu, F.X.; Ren, Y.; Chen, J.; Li, D. 
Mar-2008The effects of male-male contests and female eavesdropping on female mate choice and male mating success in the jumping spider, Thiania bhamoensis (Araneae: Salticidae)Chan, J.P.Y.; Lau, P.R.; Tham, A.J.; Li, D. 
2005Thermal time - Concepts and utilityTrudgill, D.L.; Honek, A.; Li, D. ; Van Straalen, N.M.
23-Oct-2019Two new species of the primitively segmented spider genus Liphistius Schiödte, 1849 (Mesothelae, Liphistiidae) from MyanmarAung, Khin Pyae Pyae; Xu, Xin; Lwin, Wai Wai; Sang, Men Zing; Yu, Long; Liu, Hao; Liu, Fengxiang; Li, Daiqin 
1-Jun-2020Two new species of the primitively segmented spider genus Songthela from Hunan Province, China (Mesothelae, Liphistiidae)Li, Dengqing; Liu, Fengxiang; Li, Daiqin ; Xu, Xin
Oct-2005Ultraviolet cues affect the foraging behaviour of jumping spidersLi, D. ; Lim, M.L.M. 
Dec-2011Ultraviolet is a more important cue than reflection in other wavelengths for a jumping spider to locate its spider preyZou, Y.; Araujo, D.P.; Lim, M.L.M. ; Li, D. 
3-Apr-2013UV-Green Iridescence Predicts Male Quality during Jumping Spider ContestsLim, M.L.M. ; Li, D.