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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Male remating and female fitness in the wolf spider Pardosa astrigera: The role of male mating historyJiao, X.; Chen, Z.; Wu, J.; Du, H.; Liu, F.; Chen, J.; Li, D. 
2009Mangrove spiders (Araneae) of peninsular MalaysiaNorma-Rashid, Y.; Rahman, N.A.; Li, D. 
Dec-2010Mass predicts web asymmetry in Nephila spidersKuntner, M.; Gregorič, M.; Li, D. 
Dec-2011Mate binding: Male adaptation to sexual conflict in the golden orb-web spider (Nephilidae: Nephila pilipes)Zhang, S.; Kuntner, M.; Li, D. 
Apr-2009Mate plugging via genital mutilation in nephilid spiders: An evolutionary hypothesisKuntner, M.; Kralj-Fišer, S.; Schneider, J.M.; Li, D. 
19-Jul-2012Mating plugs in polyandrous giants: Which sex produces them, when, how and why?Kuntner, M.; Gregorič, M.; Zhang, S.; Kralj-Fišer, S.; Li, D. 
Feb-2006Natal dispersal and breeding dispersal of a subsocial spitting spider (Scytodes pallida) (Araneae: Scytodidae), from SingaporeLi, D. ; Kuan, J.Y.X.
Nov-2012Nephila female gigantism attained through post-maturity moltingKuntner, M.; Zhang, S.; Gregorič, M.; Li, D. 
Oct-2004One-encounter search-image formation by araneophagic spidersJackson, R.R.; Li, D. 
7-Jul-2007Optics of the ultraviolet reflecting scales of a jumping spiderLand, M.F.; Horwood, J.; Lim, M.L.M. ; Li, D. 
Mar-1999Parental and predatory behaviour of Scytodes sp., an araneophagic spitting spider (Araneae: Scytodidae) from the PhilippinesLi, D. ; Jackson, R.R.; Barrion, A.T.
Apr-2009Pheromone-based female mate choice and its effect on reproductive investment in a spitting spiderKoh, T.H.; Seah, W.K.; Yap, L.-M.Y.L.; Li, D. 
2014Phylogeny predicts future habitat shifts due to climate changeKuntner M.; N?p?ru? M.; Li D. ; Coddington J.A.
30-Jun-2002Population characteristics of a kleptoparasitic spider Argyrodes flavescens (Araenae: Theridiidae) and its impact on a host spider Nephila pilipes (Araneae: Tetragnathidae) from SingaporeKoh, T.H.; Li, D. 
2010Predator perception of detritus and eggsac decorations spun by orb-web spiders Cyclosa octotuberculata: Do they function to camouflage the spiders?Gan, W.; Liu, F.; Zhang, Z.; Li, D. 
2017Predator personality and prey behavioural predictability jointly determine foraging performanceChang, C.-C ; Teo, H.Y; Norma-Rashid, Y; Li, D 
Feb-2004Predator-induced plasticity in web-building behaviourLi, D. ; Lee, W.S.
1998Predator-prey interactions between aggressive-mimic jumping spiders (Salticidae) and araneophagic spitting spiders (Scytodidae) from the PhilippinesJackson, R.R.; Li, D. ; Fijn, N.; Barrion, A.
Sep-2004Prey attraction as a possible function of discoid stabilimenta of juvenile orb-spinning spidersLi, D. ; Lim, M.L.M. ; Seah, W.K.; Tay, S.L.
1998Prey preferences and visual discrimination ability of Cyrba Algerina, an araneophagic jumping spider (araneae: salticidae) with primitive retinaeJackson, R.R.; Li, D.