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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Effect of UV-reflecting markings on female mate-choice decisions in Cosmophasis umbratica, a jumping spider from SingaporeLim, M.L.M. ; Li, J.; Li, D. 
22-Feb-2007Effects of age and feeding history on structure-based UV ornaments of a jumping spider (Araneae: Salticidae)Lim, M.L.M. ; Li, D. 
22-Feb-2007Effects of age and feeding history on structure-based UV ornaments of a jumping spider (Araneae: Salticidae).Lim, M.L. ; Li, D. 
23-Oct-2012Emasculation: Glovesoff strategy enhances eunuch spider enduranceLee, Q.Q.; Oh, J.; Kralj-Fišer, S.; Kuntner, M.; Li, D. 
May-2011Eunuchs are better fightersKralj-Fišer, S.; Gregorič, M.; Zhang, S.; Li, D. ; Kuntner, M.
Nov-2011Experimental evidence for female-driven monandry in the wolf spider, Pardosa astrigeraJiao, X.; Guo, L.; Chen, Z.; Wu, J.; Chen, J.; Liu, F.; Li, D. 
Nov-2006Extreme ultraviolet sexual dimorphism in jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae)Lim, M.L.M. ; Li, D. 
Mar-2006Female-biased predation risk and its differential effect on the male and female courtship behaviour of jumping spidersSu, K.F.Y.; Li, D. 
31-Dec-2005Four new and one newly recorded species of the jumping spiders (araneae: Salticidae: Lyssomaninae & spartaeinae) from (sub)tropical ChinaZhang, J.X.; Li, D. 
22-Oct-2002Hatching responses of subsocial spitting spiders to predation riskLi, D. 
2015Identification of host-plant volatiles and characterization of two novel general odorant-binding proteins from the legume pod borer, maruca vitrata fabricius (lepidoptera: Crambidae)Zhou J.; Zhang N.; Wang P.; Zhang S. ; Li D. ; Liu K.; Wang G.; Wang X.; Ai H.
Feb-2006Importance of reservoirs for the conservation of freshwater molluscs in a tropical urban landscapeClements, R. ; Koh, L.P.; Lee, T.M.; Meier, R. ; Li, D. 
1-Jun-2003Influence of background and prey orientation on an ambushing predator's decisionsLi, D. ; Jackson, R.R.; Lim, M.L.M. 
Feb-2005Influence of diet-related chemical cues from predators on the hatching of egg-carrying spidersLi, D. ; Jackson, R.R.
May-2006Innate aversion to ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) and ant mimics: Experimental findings from mantises (Mantodea)Nelson, X.J.; Jackson, R.R.; Li, D. ; Barrion, A.T.; Edwards, G.B.
Feb-2010Intraspecific interactions Asemonea tenuipes, a lyssomanine jumping spider (Araneae: Salticidae) from SingaporeTay, Y.; Li, D. 
2014Intricate predatory decisions by a mosquito-specialist spider from MalaysiaJackson R.R.; Li D. ; Woon J.R.W. ; Hashim R.; Cross F.R.
2011Male remating and female fitness in the wolf spider Pardosa astrigera: The role of male mating historyJiao, X.; Chen, Z.; Wu, J.; Du, H.; Liu, F.; Chen, J.; Li, D. 
2009Mangrove spiders (Araneae) of peninsular MalaysiaNorma-Rashid, Y.; Rahman, N.A.; Li, D. 
Dec-2010Mass predicts web asymmetry in Nephila spidersKuntner, M.; Gregorič, M.; Li, D.