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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004The quest to control next-generation transport networks: The role of GMPLSEi-Bawab, T.S.; Esfandiari, M.; Jue, J.; Medard, M.; Mohan, G. ; Ramamurthy, B.; Shiomoto, K.; Ben Yoo, S.J.
2005The streamline effect in OBS networks and its application in load balancingPhùng, M.H. ; Chua, K.C. ; Mohan, G. ; Motani, M. ; Wong, T.C.
2005Topology knowledge range control for lifetime maximization in sensor networks with data aggregationQun, Z.; Gurusamy, M. 
2014Towards flexible guarantees in clouds: Adaptive bandwidth allocation and pricingDivakaran, D.M. ; Gurusamy, M. 
12-Jul-2019Virtual Network Embedding in Ring Optical Data Centers using Markov Chain Probability ModelTruong Huu Tram ; Purnima Murali Mohan ; Mohan Gurusamy 
2001Virtual source based multicast routing in WDM networks with sparse light splittingSreenath, N.; Reddy, N.K.M.; Mohan, G. ; Murthy, C.S.R.
2001Virtual Source Based Multicast Routing in WDM Optical NetworksSreenath, N.; Siva Ram Murthy, C.; Mohan, G. 
1-Feb-2003Virtual topology reconfiguration in IP/WDM optical ring networksMohan, G. ; Ernest, P.H.H.; Bharadwaj, V. 
15-Sep-2012Wavelength converter allocation considering the streamline effect in OBS networksShan, D.M.; Chua, K.C. ; Mohan, G. 
Nov-2002Wavelength rerouting in optical networks, or the Venetian Routing problemCaprara, A.; Italiano, G.F.; Mohan, G. ; Panconesi, A.; Srinivasan, A.