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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2004Randomized routing and wavelength requirements in wavelength-routed WDM multistage, hypercube, and de Bruijn networksMohan, G. ; Venkatesan, G.; Murthy, C.S.R.
2005Reliability and recovery time differentiated routing in WDM optical networksPeng, M.; Luying, Z.; Mohan, G. 
2006Rerouting schemes with inter-layer backup resource sharing for differentiated survivability in IP-over-WDM optical networksRatnam, K. ; Gurusamy, M. ; Zhou, L.
1-Jul-2009Residual admission capacity in optical burst switching networks and its application in configuration of loss guaranteed tunnelsChen, Q.; Mohan, G. ; Chua, K.-C. 
2006Residual admission capacity in optical burst switching networks and its application in routing loss-guaranteed flowsChen, Q.; Mohan, G. ; Chua, K.C. 
2006Route optimization for efficient failure recovery in optical burst switched networksChen, Q.; Mohan, G. ; Chua, K.C. 
16-Jul-2008Route optimization in optical burst switched networks considering the streamline effectChen, Q.; Mohan, G. ; Chua, K.C. 
15-Aug-2001Routing dependable connections in WDM optical networksMohan, G. ; Murthy, C.S.R.
2008Routing fault-tolerant sliding scheduled traffic in WDM optical mesh networksSaradhi, C.V.; Gurusamy, M. ; Piesiewicz, R.
2007Scheduling and routing of sliding scheduled lightpath demands in WDM optical networksSaradhi, C.V.; Gurusamy, M. 
15-Jun-2009Scheduling network and computing resources for sliding demands in optical gridsNguyen, H.-H.; Gurusamy, M. ; Zhou, L.
2006Segment-based partial protection scheme for routing reliability guaranteed connections in WDM optical networksSaradhi, C.V.; Gurusamy, M. ; Zhou, L.
2004Segmented protection path provisioning for capacity optimization in WDM mesh networksSaradhi, C.V.; Wei, L.K.; Gurusamy, M. 
Jan-2009Selected papers from First International Symposium on Advanced Networks and Telecommunication Systems (ANTS 2007)Ghani, N.; Gumaste, A.; Gurusamy, M. ; Mukherjee, B.; Subramaniam, S.
2005Supporting context-aware mobile service adaptation with scalable context discovery platformZhang, D.; Chin, C.-Y.; Gurusamy, M. 
2004The quest to control next-generation transport networks: The role of GMPLSEi-Bawab, T.S.; Esfandiari, M.; Jue, J.; Medard, M.; Mohan, G. ; Ramamurthy, B.; Shiomoto, K.; Ben Yoo, S.J.
2005The streamline effect in OBS networks and its application in load balancingPhùng, M.H. ; Chua, K.C. ; Mohan, G. ; Motani, M. ; Wong, T.C.
2005Topology knowledge range control for lifetime maximization in sensor networks with data aggregationQun, Z.; Gurusamy, M. 
2014Towards flexible guarantees in clouds: Adaptive bandwidth allocation and pricingDivakaran, D.M. ; Gurusamy, M. 
12-Jul-2019Virtual Network Embedding in Ring Optical Data Centers using Markov Chain Probability ModelTruong Huu Tram ; Purnima Murali Mohan ; Mohan Gurusamy