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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Circular arc graph based algorithms for routing scheduled lightpath demands in WDM optical networksSaradhi, C.V.; Wei, C.J.; Shujing, M.; Gurusamy, M. 
8-Aug-2008Connected K-target coverage problem in wireless sensor networks with different observation scenariosZhao, Q.; Gurusamy, M. 
2009Connectivity aware protected working lightpath envelopeHe, R.; Chua, K.C. ; Mohan, G. 
1-Feb-2019DEFT: A Distributed IoT Fingerprinting TechniqueTHANGAVELU, V; DIVAKARAN, DM ; SAIRAM, R; BHUNIA, SS ; GURUSAMY, M 
15-Mar-2002Design of survivable WDM networks for carrying ATM trafficSreenath, N.; Phanibhushan Rao, P.; Mohan, G. ; Siva Ram Murthy, C.
Feb-2006Development of a GMPLS-capable WDM optical network testbed and distributed storage applicationZhou, L.; Chai, T.Y.; Saradhi, C.V.; Wang, Y.; Foo, V.; Qiang, Q.; Biswas, J.; Lu, C.; Gurusamy, M. ; Cheng, T.H.; Wang, Y.
May-2004Differentiated QoS for survivable WDM optical networksSaradhi, C.V.; Gurusamy, M. ; Zhou, L.
2002Differentiated QoS routing in GMPLS-based IP/WDM networksTien, E.C.; Mohan, G. 
2005Differentiated QoS routing of restorable sub-lambda connections in IP-over-WDM networks using a multi-layer protection approachRatnam, K. ; Gurusamy, M. ; Luying, Z.
2007Differentiated survivability framework and modeling for heterogeneous grooming optical networksRatnam, K. ; Gurusamy, M. ; Zhou, L.
9-Apr-2009Differentiated survivability with improved fairness in IP/MPLS-over-WDM optical networksRatnam, K. ; Gurusamy, M. ; Zhou, L.
26-May-2007Distributed network control for establishing reliability-constrained least-cost lightpaths in WDM Mesh networksVijaya Saradhi, C.; Mohan, G. ; Zhou, L.
2003Distributed network control for establishing reliability-constrained least-cost lightpaths in WDM mesh networksSaradhi, C.V.; Zhou, L.; Gurusamy, M. ; Murthy, C.S.R.
21-Feb-2005Dynamic load balancing in IP-over-WDM optical burst switching networksLi, J.; Mohan, G. ; Chua, K.C. 
22-Oct-2003Dynamic protection using integrated-routing approach in IP-over-WDM networksZheng, Q. ; Mohan, G. 
2005Dynamic routing of dependable connections with different QoP grades in WDM optical networksMing, C.; Luying, Z.; Gurusamy, M. 
2005Dynamic routing of reliability-differentiated connections in WDM optical networksPeng, M.; Luying, Z.; Mohan, G. 
20-Dec-2004Dynamic routing with inaccurate link state information in integrated IP-over-WDM networksLi, J.; Mohan, G. ; Tien, E.C.; Chua, K.C. 
Oct-2001Efficient algorithms for routing dependable connections in WDM optical networksMohan, G. ; Siva Ram Murthy, C.; Somani, A.K.
Aug-2006Efficient multi-layer operational strategies for survivable IP-over-WDM networksRatnam, K. ; Zhou, L.; Gurusamy, M.