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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2006Ketoconazole renders poor CYP3A phenotype status with midazolam as probe drugTham, L.-S.; Lee, H.-S.; Wang, L. ; Yong, W.-P. ; Fan, L.; Ong, A.-B.; Sukri, N.; Soo, R. ; Lee, S.-C. ; Goh, B.-C.
1-Dec-2007Lack of association of single-nucleotide polymorphisms in pregnane X receptor, hepatic nuclear factor 4α, and constitutive androstane receptor with docetaxel pharmacokineticsTham, L.-S.; Holford, N.H.G.; Hor, S.-Y.; Tan, T. ; Wang, L. ; Lim, R.-C.; Lee, H.-S.; Lee, S.-C. ; Goh, B.-C.
5-Mar-2012Method development and validation for rapid quantification of hydroxychloroquine in human blood using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometryWang, L.-Z. ; Ong, R.Y.-L.; Chin, T.-M. ; Thuya, W.-L. ; Wan, S.-C.; Wong, A.L.A.; Chan, S.-Y. ; Ho, P.C. ; Goh, B.-C.
2015Non-invasive sensitive detection of KRAS and BRAF mutation in circulating tumor cells of colorectal cancer patientsDai X.; Ahn K.S.; Kim C.; Siveen K.S. ; Ong T.H.; Shanmugam M.K. ; Li F.; Shi J. ; ALAN PREM KUMAR ; Wang L.Z. ; Goh B.C. ; Magae J.; Hui K.M.; Sethi G. 
2018Pan-CDK inhibition augments cisplatin lethality in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell lines and xenograft modelsSyn N.L.; Lim P.L.; Kong L.R.; Wang L. ; Wong A.L.-A. ; Lim C.M. ; Loh T.K.S. ; Siemeister G.; Goh B.C. ; Hsieh W.-S. 
Sep-2011Pharmacokinetic modeling of plasma and intracellular concentrations of raltegravir in healthy volunteersWang, L. ; Soon, G.H.; Seng, K.-Y.; Li, J.; Lee, E.; Yong, E.-L.; Goh, B.-C.; Flexner, C.; Lee, L.
2015Phase I and biomarker study of OPB-51602, a novel signal transducer and activator of transcription (STAT) 3 inhibitor, in patients with refractory solid malignanciesWong, Andrea; Soo, Ross A.; Tan, Daniel; Lee, Soo Chin ; Lim, Joline S J; Marban, P.C.; Kong, Li Ren ; Lee, Youngjoo; Wang, Lingzhi ; Thuya, Win Lwin ; Soong, R.; Yee, M.Q.; Chin, T.M.; Cordero, Maricel Tiemsim; Asuncion, Bernadette Reyna ; Pang, B.; Pervaiz, Shazib ; Hirpara, Jayshree L. ; Sinha, Arvind; Xu, W.W.; Yuasa, M.; Tsunoda, T.; Motoyama, M.; Yamauchi, T.; Goh, Boon Cher 
1-Aug-2003Phase I trial of fixed dose-rate gemcitabine in combination with carboplatin in chemonaive advanced non-small-cell lung cancer: A Cancer Therapeutics Research Group studySoo, R.A. ; Lim, H.L.; Wang, L.Z. ; Lee, H.S.; Millward, M.J.; Tok, L.T.; Lee, S.C. ; Lehnert, M.; Goh, B.C.
2001Phenolic compounds of Chromolaena adorata protect cultured skin cells from oxidative damage: Implication for cutaneous wound healingPhan, T.-T.; Wang, L. ; See, P.; Grayer, R.J.; Chan, S.-Y. ; Lee, S.T.
1-Mar-2003Phenotyping CYP3A using midazolam in cancer and noncancer Asian patientsLee, H.S.; Goh, B.C.; Fan, L.; Khoo, Y.M.; Wang, L. ; Lim, R.; Ong, A.B.; Chua, C.
Apr-2008PXR, CAR and HNF4α genotypes and their association with pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of docetaxel and doxorubicin in Asian patientsHor, S.Y.; Lee, S.C. ; Wong, C.I.; Lim, Y.W.; Lim, R.C.; Wang, L.Z. ; Fan, L.; Guo, J.Y. ; Lee, H.S.; Goh, B.C.; Tan, T. 
Mar-2013Quantification of L-ergothioneine in human plasma and erythrocytes by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometryWang, L.-Z. ; Thuya, W.-L. ; Toh, D.S.-L.; Lie, M.G.-L.; Lau, J.-Y.A.; Kong, L.-R.; Wan, S.-C.; Chua, K.-N.; Lee, E.J.-D.; Goh, B.-C.
26-Feb-2003Quantitation of paclitaxel in micro-sample rat plasma by a sensitive reversed-phase HPLC assayWang, L.Z. ; Ho, P.C. ; Lee, H.S.; Vaddi, H.K.; Chan, Y.W.; Yung, C.S. 
15-Jul-2011Rapid determination of gefitinib and its main metabolite, O-desmethyl gefitinib in human plasma using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometryWang, L.-Z. ; Lim, M.Y.-X.; Chin, T.-M. ; Thuya, W.-L. ; Nye, P.-L.; Wong, A.; Chan, S.-Y. ; Goh, B.-C.; Ho, P.C. 
2009Rapid determination of gemcitabine and its metabolite in human plasma by LC-MSMS through micro protein precipitation with minimum matrix effectWang, L.-Z. ; Yong, W.-P. ; Soo, R.-A. ; Lee, S.-C. ; Soong, R. ; Lee, H.-S.; Goh, B.-C.
2004Sensitive high-performance liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry method for determination of steviol in rat plasmaWang, L.Z. ; Goh, B.C.; Fan, L.; Lee, H.S.
Feb-2011Simultaneous determination of raltegravir and raltegravir glucuronide in human plasma by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometric methodWang, L.-Z. ; Lee, L.S.-U.; Thuya, W.-L. ; Soon, G.H.; Kong, L.-R.; Nye, P.-L.; Deoon Lee, E.J.; Flexner, C.; Goh, B.-C.
2018Sorcin a Potential Molecular Target for Cancer TherapyShabnam B.; Padmavathi G.; Banik K.; Girisa S.; Monisha J.; Sethi G. ; Fan L.; Wang L. ; Mao X.; Kunnumakkara A.B.
2015Validation of a rapid and sensitive LC-MS/ MS method for determination of exemestane and its metabolites, 17β-hydroxyexemestane and 17β-hydroxyexemestane-17-O-β-D-glucuronide: Application to human pharmacokinetics studyWang Lingzhi ; Goh, Sokhwei; Wong, Andrea; Thuya, Win Lwin; Lau, Jie Ying Amelia ; Wan, Seowching ; Ho Chi Lui, Paul ; Goh, Booncher