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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Feb-2007Effect of current-collector structure on performance of passive micro direct methanol fuel cellYang, W.M. ; Chou, S.K. ; Shu, C. 
13-Apr-2005Effect of wall thickness of micro-combustor on the performance of micro-thermophotovoltaic power generatorsWenming, Y. ; Siawkiang, C. ; Chang, S. ; Hong, X.; Zhiwang, L. 
Jan-2005Effects of step height on wall temperature of a microcombustorLi, Z.W. ; Chou, S.K. ; Shu, C. ; Yang, W.M. 
20-Feb-2002Efficient computation of natural convection in a concentric annulus between an outer square cylinder and an inner circular cylinderShu, C. ; Zhu, Y.D. 
5-Sep-2007Electronic properties of A -site substituted lead zirconate titanate: Density functional calculationsZhang, Z. ; Wu, P.; Ong, K.P.; Lu, L. ; Shu, C. 
27-Apr-2005Entropy generation during microcombustionLi, Z.W. ; Chou, S.K. ; Shu, C. ; Yang, W.M. 
1999Equilibration of heat conduction simulation in a very thin film using molecular dynamicsXue, H. ; Shu, C. 
21-Jul-2005Error estimates of local multiquadric-based differential quadrature (LMQDQ) method through numerical experimentsDing, H.; Shu, C. ; Tang, D.B.
Apr-2007Experimental study of micro-thermophotovoltaic systems with different combustor configurationsYang, W.M. ; Chou, S.K. ; Shu, C. ; Li, Z.W. ; Xue, H.
17-Jul-1997Explicit computation of weighting coefficients in the harmonic differential quadratureShu, C. ; Xue, H. 
20-Jan-2007Extension of domain-free discretization method to simulate compressible flows over fixed and moving bodiesZhou, C.H.; Shu, C. ; Wu, Y.Z.
15-Jul-2012Extension of local domain-free discretization method to simulate 3D flows with complex moving boundariesZhou, C.H.; Shu, C. 
2007Ferroelectrical properties of W-doped lead zirconate titanateZhang, Z. ; Lu, L. ; Shu, C. ; Wu, P.; Song, W.
Apr-2010Flow of second-order fluid in a curved duct with square cross-sectionNorouzi, M.; Kayhani, M.H.; Shu, C. ; Nobari, M.R.H.
Jan-2014Fluid dynamics of flapping insect wing in ground effectWu, J.; Shu, C. ; Zhao, N.; Yan, W.
Jun-2010Fluid flow and heat transfer in wavy microchannelsSui, Y. ; Teo, C.J. ; Lee, P.S. ; Chew, Y.T. ; Shu, C. 
Aug-1997Fourier expansion-based differential quadrature and its application to Helmholtz eigenvalue problemsShu, C. ; Chew, Y.T. 
25-Jul-1996Free vibration analysis of composite laminated conical shells by generalized differential quadratureShu, C. 
20-Sep-2000Free Vibration Analysis of Curvilinear Quadrilateral Plates by the Differential Quadrature MethodShu, C. ; Chen, W.; Du, H.
1997Free vibration analysis of laminated composite cylindrical shells by DQMShu, C. ; Du, H.