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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jan-2009A new immersed boundary-lattice boltzmann method and its application to incompressible flowsShu, C. ; Wu, J.
20-Dec-2005A Newton-Multigrid method for numerical simulation of slider air bearingDu, H.; Li, Q.; Jor, H.O.; Shu, C. 
1-Oct-2007A novel immersed boundary velocity correction-lattice Boltzmann method and its application to simulate flow past a circular cylinderShu, C. ; Liu, N.; Chew, Y.T. 
2002A numerical study of cavitation foot-prints in liquid-lubricated asymmetrical herringbone grooved journal bearingsJunmei, W.; Lee, T.S. ; Shu, C. ; Jiankang, W.
2015A numerical study on RCCI engine fueled by biodiesel/methanolZhou, Dezhi; Yang, Wenming ; An, Hui ; Li, Jing; Shu, Chang 
1-Sep-2012A phase-field-based hybrid lattice-boltzmann finite-volume method and its application to simulate droplet motion under electrowetting controlHuang, J.J. ; Shu, C. ; Feng, J.J.; Chew, Y.T. 
Jan-2005A platform for developing new lattice Boltzmann modelsZheng, H.W. ; Shu, C. ; Chew, Y.T. ; Qiu, J.
10-May-2004A prototype microthermophotovoltaic power generatorYang, W.M. ; Chou, S.K. ; Shu, C. ; Li, Z.W. ; Xue, H.
22-Nov-2017A Simple Gas Kinetic Scheme for Simulation of 3D Incompressible Thermal FlowsL. M. Yang ; C. Shu ; W. M. Yang ; J Wu
2008A singular-value decomposition (SVD)-based generalized finite difference (GFD) method for close-interaction moving boundary flow problemsAng, S.J.; Yeo, K.S. ; Chew, C.S.; Shu, C. 
20-Oct-2011A solution adaptive simulation of compressible multi-fluid flows with general equation of stateZheng, H.W. ; Shu, C. ; Chew, Y.T. ; Qin, N.
20-Mar-2011A solution-adaptive lattice Boltzmann method for two-dimensional incompressible viscous flowsWu, J.; Shu, C. 
1-May-2006A stencil adaptive algorithm for finite difference solution of incompressible viscous flowsDing, H.; Shu, C. 
30-Jun-2013A stencil adaptive phase-field lattice Boltzmann method for two dimensional incompressible multiphase flowsShao, J.Y.; Shu, C. ; Wu, J.; Chew, Y.T. 
20-Oct-2012A stream function-vorticity formulation-based immersed boundary method and its applicationsRen, W.W.; Wu, J.; Shu, C. ; Yang, W.M. 
Feb-2007A thermal lattice Boltzmann model with diffuse scattering boundary condition for micro thermal flowsNiu, X.D.; Shu, C. ; Chew, Y.T. 
2015A three-dimensional explicit sphere function-based gas-kinetic flux solver for simulation of inviscid compressible flowsYang L.M.; Shu Chang ; Wu J.
31-Jan-2008Ab initio study of formations of neutral vacancies in ferroelectric PbTiO3 at different oxygen atmospheresZhang, Z. ; Wu, P.; Lu, L. ; Shu, C. 
Sep-2008Acceptor modulated defect and electronic structures in ferroelectric lead titanate: An AB initio studyZhang, Z. ; Wu, P.; Lu, L. ; Shu, C. 
20-Jul-2006Adaptive mesh refinement-enhanced local DFD method and its application to solve Navier-Stokes equationsShu, C. ; Wu, Y.L.