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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Sep-2000Free Vibration Analysis of Curvilinear Quadrilateral Plates by the Differential Quadrature MethodShu, C. ; Chen, W.; Du, H.
1997Free vibration analysis of laminated composite cylindrical shells by DQMShu, C. ; Du, H.
10-Jan-2007Free vibration analysis of plates using least-square-based finite difference methodShu, C. ; Wu, W.X.; Ding, H.; Wang, C.M. 
Jun-2010Free vibration and buckling analysis of highly skewed plates by least squares-based finite difference methodWu, W.X.; Shu, C. ; Wang, C.M. ; Xiang, Y.
19-Mar-2014Free-energy-based lattice Boltzmann model for the simulation of multiphase flows with density contrastShao, J.Y.; Shu, C. ; Huang, H.B.; Chew, Y.T. 
2001Generation of subharmonics and harmonics in the incompressible flowsLiu, K.; Yeo, K.S. ; Shu, C. 
1994Global method for solving incompressible Navier-Stokes equations in the general coordinate systemShu, C. ; Chew, Y.T. ; Khoo, B.C. ; Yeo, K.S. 
20-Apr-2007Hybrid lattice Boltzmann finite-difference simulation of axisymmetric swirling and rotating flowsHuang, H.; Lee, T.S. ; Shu, C. 
8-Feb-2013Hybrid multiple-relaxation-time lattice-Boltzmann finite-difference method for axisymmetric multiphase flowsHuang, J.-J.; Huang, H.; Shu, C. ; Chew, Y.T. ; Wang, S.-L.
Mar-1997Implementation of clamped and simply supported boundary conditions in the GDQ free vibration analysis of beams and platesShu, C. ; Du, H.
23-May-2003Implementation of multi-grid approach in domain-free discretization method to speed up convergenceWu, Y.L. ; Shu, C. ; Qiu, J.; Tani, J.
1-Apr-2009Implicit velocity correction-based immersed boundary-lattice Boltzmann method and its applicationsWu, J.; Shu, C. 
1-Jan-2006Influence of the Reynolds number on chaotic mixing in a spatially periodic micromixer and its characterization using dynamical system techniquesXia, H.M.; Shu, C. ; Wan, S.Y.M.; Chew, Y.T. 
28-Feb-2007Integrated radial basis functions-based differential quadrature method and its performanceShu, C. ; Wu, Y.L. 
May-2012Interaction of shock wave with multi-fluids interface using quadrilateral-based adaptive meshZheng, H.W.; Li, X.J.; Yang, G.W.; Shu, C. 
Nov-2004Investigation of stability and hydrodynamics of different lattice Boltzmann modelsNiu, X.D.; Shu, C. ; Chew, Y.T. ; Wang, T.G.
2010Lattice boltzmann and finite volume simulation of inviscid compressible flows with curved boundaryQu, K.; Shu, C. ; Chew, Y.T. 
Nov-2005Lattice Boltzmann interface capturing method for incompressible flowsZheng, H.W. ; Shu, C. ; Chew, Y.T. 
2007Lattice Boltzmann method simulation gas slip flow in long microtubesHuang, H.; Lee, T.S. ; Shu, C. 
28-Feb-2011Lattice Boltzmann study of bubble entrapment during droplet impactHuang, J.J. ; Shu, C. ; Chew, Y.T.