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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1993High pressure phase transition study of NaNO3 by raman spectroscopyTeo, K.L. ; Shen, Z.X. ; Kuok, M.H. ; Tang, S.H. 
30-Jun-2005High spin filtering under the influence of in-plane magneto-electric field and spin orbit couplingTan, S.G.; Jalil, M.B.A. ; Teo, K.L. ; Liew, T.; Chong, T.C.
1-Jun-2004High spin filtering using multiple magnetoelectric barriersJalil, M.B.A. ; Tan, S.G. ; Liew, T. ; Teo, K.L. ; Chong, T.C. 
1-Mar-2003High-pressure luminescence studies in CaS doped with Eu2+Chen, C.; Teo, K.L. ; Chong, T.C. ; Wu, Y.H. ; Low, T.S. ; Carey, R.; Newman, D.M.; Viney, I.; Wu, J.P.; Bickerton, J.
29-Aug-2011Impact of in situ vacuum anneal and SiH4 treatment on electrical characteristics of AlGaN/GaN metal-oxide-semiconductor high-electron mobility transistorsLiu, X.; Kim Fong Low, E.; Pan, J.; Liu, W.; Leong Teo, K. ; Tan, L.-S. ; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2014Interfacial tuning of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and spin magnetic moment in CoFe/Pd multilayersNgo, D.-T.; Meng, Z.L.; Tahmasebi, T.; Yu, X. ; Thoeng, E.; Yeo, L.H.; Rusydi, A. ; Han, G.C. ; Teo, K.-L. 
2013Investigation of rock-salt CrTe thin film grown by molecular beam epitaxy toward half-metalLu, H.; Teo, K.L. 
1-Apr-2012Investigation on the antiferromagnetic component in the intrinsic exchange bias in structurally single phase Cr 2Te 3 thin filmHui, L.; Lim, S.T. ; Bi, J.F. ; Teo, K.L. 
2-May-2011Local stress induced by diamond-like carbon liner in AlGaN/GaN metal-oxide-semiconductor high-electron mobility transistors and impact on electrical characteristicsLiu, X.; Liu, B.; Low, E.K.F.; Liu, W.; Yang, M.; Tan, L.-S. ; Teo, K.L. ; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2005Magnetic and electric transport properties in Fe3O4 thin films and nanowiresLi, H.; Wu, Y. ; Teo, K.L. ; Guo, Z.; Wang, S.; Veres, T.
2007Magnetic and transport behaviors in Ge1-x Mnx Te with high Mn compositionChen, W.Q.; Teo, K.L. ; Lim, S.T.; Jalil, M.B.A.; Liew, T.; Chong, T.C.
1-Apr-2011Magnetism and magnetotransport studies in Ge0.9Mn 0.1TeLim, S.T. ; Bi, J.F. ; Teo, K.L. ; Liew, T. 
2012Magneto-transport study on the two dimensional electron gas in ZnMgO/ZnO heterostructure grown by MOVPEYe, J.D.; Lim, S.T.; Gu, S.L.; Tan, H.H.; Jagadish, C.; Teo, K.L. 
2005Magnetoelectric spin-fet for memory, logic, and amplifier applicationsTan, S.G.; Jalil, M.B.A. ; Liew, T.; Teo, K.L. ; Lai, G.H.; Chong, T.C.
15-May-2005Magnetoelectronic device utilizing the Dresselhaus spin-orbit couplingTan, S.G. ; Jalil, M.B.A. ; Liew, T. ; Teo, K.L. ; Chong, T.C. 
2006Magnetoresistive behavior of current-perpendicular-to-plane trilayer with half-metal insertionsBae, S. ; Tan, S.G.; Jalil, M.B.A. ; Kumar, S.B. ; Teo, K.L. ; Leong, Z.Y.; Liew, T.
18-May-2006MBE growth and properties of Cr-doped ZnTe on GaAs(001)Hou, X.J.; Teo, K.L. ; Sreenivasan, M.G.; Liew, T. ; Chong, T.C. 
15-Oct-2007Molecular beam epitaxial growth and characterizations of Co-Mn-Ge Heusler thin filmsSim, C.H.; Ko, V.; Teo, K.L. ; Guo, Z.B.; Liew, T. ; Chong, T.C. 
30-Jun-2005Molecular-beam Epitaxial Growth of α-Zn0.05Sr 0.95S Codoped with Eu and Sm on MgO(001) Substrate Via α-MnS Buffer LayerChen, C.; Teo, K.L. ; Chong, T.C.
2006Molecular-beam epitaxy growth and magnetic properties of BeTe with Cr dopingViloane, K.; Sreenivasan, M.G.; Teo, K.L. ; Liew, T.; Chong, T.C.