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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Fatty acid modulation of antiestrogen action and antiestrogen-binding protein in cultured lymphoid cellsHoh, Y.K.; Lim, E.H.; Ooi, S.O.; Kon, O.L. 
Dec-1997Fatty acids from Typhonium flagelliforme.Chen, S.X. ; Goh, C.J. ; Kon, O.L. 
2005FVIII gene delivery by muscle electroporation corrects murine hemophilia ALong, Y.C.; Jaichandran, S.; Kon, O.L. ; Ho, L.P.; Tien, S.L.; Tan, S.Y.
2009Generating mESC-derived insulin-producing cell lines through an intermediate lineage-restricted progenitor lineLi, G. ; Luo, R.; Zhang, J. ; Lian, Q. ; Xie, F.; Lim, S.K. ; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Yeo, K.S.; Tan, E.K.W.; Caille, D.; Meda, P.; Kon, O.L. ; Lim, S.K. 
2006Genetic engineering for haemophilia AGan, S.U. ; Calne, R.Y. ; Kon, O.L. 
1996Human ficolin: cDNA cloning, demonstration of peripheral blood leucocytes as the major site of synthesis and assignment of the gene to chromosome 9Lu, J. ; Tay, P.N.; Kon, O.L. ; Reid, K.B.M.
27-Mar-1998Human L-ficolin: Plasma levels, sugar specificity, and assignment of its lectin activity to the fibrinogen-like (FBG) domainLe, Y.; Lee, S.H.; Kon, O.L. ; Lu, J. 
2002Human liver-derived cells stably modified for regulated proinsulin secretion function as bioimplants in vivoChen, X.; Patil, J.G.; Lok, S.H.L.; Kon, O.L. 
1996Improvements on the purification of mannan-binding lectin and demonstration of its Ca2+-independent association with a C1s-like serine proteaseTan, S.M. ; Chung, M.C.M. ; Kon, O.L. ; Lu, J. ; Lee, S.H. ; Thiel, S.
Jan-1994In vitro cytotoxic properties of gold(I) and platinum(II) compounds containing asymmetric [2-(methylsulfinyl) ethyl]diphenylarsine and its phosphorus analogue.Chooi, S.Y.M. ; Leung, P.-H. ; Sim, K.Y. ; Tan, K.S.; Kon, O.L. 
May-2010Insulin expressed from endogenously active glucose-responsive EGR1 promoter in bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells as diabetes therapyChen, N.K.F.; Tan, S.Y.; Udolph, G.; Kon, O.L. 
15-Jun-2008Integrative genomics identifies RAB23 as an invasion mediator gene in diffuse-type gastric cancerHou, Q.; Yong, H.W.; Grabsch, H.; Zhu, Y.; Siew, H.L.; Ganesan, K.; Cross, D.; Lay, K.T.; Tao, J.; Gopalakrishnan, V.; Bor, L.T. ; Oi, L.K. ; Tan, P. 
2014Intragenic integration in DLC1 sustains factor VIII expression in primary human cells without insertional oncogenicitySivalingam, J.; Phan, T.T.; Kon, O.L. 
10-Dec-1987Murine antiestrogen-binding protein: Characterization, solubilization and modulation by lipidsMatin, A.; Hwang, P.L.H. ; Kon, O.L. 
1999Naked Plasmid-Mediated Gene Transfer to Skeletal Muscle Ameliorates Diabetes MellitusKon, O.L. ; Sivakumar, S.; Teoh, K.L.; Lok, S.H.L.; Long, Y.C.
May-2013Negative regulatory responses to metabolically triggered inflammation impair renal epithelial immunity in diabetes mellitusChen, N.K.F.; Chong, T.W.; Loh, H.-L.; Lim, K.H.; Gan, V.H.L.; Wang, M.; Kon, O.L. 
12-May-1997Purification and binding properties of a human ficolin-like proteinLe, Y.; Tan, S.M. ; Lee, S.H.; Kon, O.L. ; Lu, J. 
May-1996Screening of traditional medicines for their inhibitory activity against HIV-1 proteaseXu, H.-X. ; Wan, M.; Loh, B.-N.; Kon, O.-L. ; Chow, P.-W. ; Sim, K.-Y. 
1993Selective antiproliferative effects of thymidineOoi, S.O.; Sim, K.Y.; Chung, M.C.M. ; Kon, O.L. 
2016ST3GAL1-Associated Transcriptomic Program in Glioblastoma Tumor Growth, Invasion, and PrognosisChong Y.K.; Sandanaraj E.; Koh L.W.H.; Thangaveloo M.; Tan M.S.Y.; Koh G.R.H.; Toh T.B. ; Lim G.G.Y.; Holbrook J.D. ; Kon O.L. ; Nadarajah M.; Ng I. ; Ng W.H. ; Tan N.S. ; Lim K.L. ; Tang C. ; Ang B.T.