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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000On Consensus, Tensions and Sociology at the Dawn of the 21st CenturyQuah, S.R. ; Sales, A.
21-Mar-2017Partnership: The missing link in the process of de-institutionalization of mental health careQuah,Stella R 
2008PrefaceHeggenhougen, K.; Quah, S. 
2007Public image and governance of epidemics: Comparing HIV/AIDS and SARSQuah, S.R. 
2016Short-Term Trajectories of Depressive Symptoms in Stroke Survivors and Their Family CaregiversMalhotra R. ; Chei C.-L. ; Menon E.; Chow W.L.; Quah S. ; Chan A. ; Matchar D.B. 
1992Social and ethical aspects of organ donationQuah, S.R. 
1994Social Policy in Family Life: The Case of Child Care in SingaporeQuah, S.R. 
1-Jan-2011Sociology: Opportunities and professional challengesQuah, S.R. 
1989The social position and internal organization of the medical profession in the Third World: the case of SingaporeQuah, S.R. 
1989The Social Significance of Marriage and Parenthood in SingaporeQuah, S.R. 
2003Traditional healing systems and the ethos of scienceQuah, S.R. 
26-Mar-2018Trajectories of Positive Aspects of Caregiving among family caregivers of stroke-survivors: The differential impact of stroke-survivor disabilityRahul Malhotra ; Choy-Lye Chei ; Edward Balan Menon; Wai-Leng Chow; Stella Quah ; Angelique Chan ; Shweta Ajay ; David Bruce Matchar 
1997Values and development in Asia: A historical illustration of the role of the stateQuah, S.