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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Geovisualization of tropical cyclone behaviour in the South PacificGienko, G.A.; Terry, J.P. 
2012Living with natural hazards in the Asia-Pacific regionGoff, J.R.; Terry, J.P. 
2015Morphometric analysis of tropical storm and hurricane tracks in the North Atlantic basin using a sinuosity-based approachTerry, J.P. ; Kim, I.-H. 
2010On quantifying the sinuosity of typhoon tracks in the western North Pacific basinTerry, J.P. ; Feng, C.-C. 
2013One hundred and thirty years since Darwin: 'Reshaping' the theory of atoll formationTerry, J.P. ; Goff, J.
2009People, pigs and pollution - Experiences with applying participatory learning and action (PLA) methodology to identify problems of pig-waste management at the village level in FijiTerry, J.P. ; Khatri, K.
Feb-2012Providing University education in physical geography across the South Pacific Islands: Multi-modal course delivery and student grade performanceTerry, J.P. ; Poole, B.
29-Jun-2011Rain-shadow hydrology: Influences on river flows and flood magnitudes across the central massif divide of La Grande Terre Island, New CaledoniaTerry, J.P. ; Wotling, G.
Jul-2010Recent heightened tropical cyclone activity east of 180° in the South PacificGalvin, J.; Terry, J.P. ; Etienne, S.
May-2010Responses of atoll freshwater lenses to storm-surge overwash in the Northern Cook IslandsTerry, J.P. ; Falkland, A.C.
2010Responses of atoll freshwater lenses to storm-surge overwash in the Northern Cook Islands; Réponse des lentilles d'eau douce à une lame de submersion cyclonique dans les Iles Cook septentrionalesTerry, J.P. ; Falkland, A.C.
2011"Stones from the dangerous winds": Reef platform mega-clasts in the tropical Pacific IslandsTerry, J.P. ; Etienne, S.
2010Tempestuous times in the South Pacific IslandsTerry, J.P. ; Etienne, S.
Mar-2012The 'terrific Tongking typhoon' of October 1881 - Implications for the Red River Delta (northern Vietnam) in modern timesTerry, J.P. ; Winspear, N.; Cuong, T.Q.
2012The special vulnerability of Asia-Pacific islands to natural hazardsTerry, J.P. ; Goff, J.R.
2012The value of a Pacific-wide tsunami database to risk reduction: Putting theory into practiceGoff, J.R.; Chagué-Goff, C.; Terry, J.P.