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2013Altered serum levels of the osteoclast-specific TRACP 5b isoform in Chinese children undergoing orthodontic treatmentTang, S.J.; Meikle, M.C. ; MacLaine, J.K.; Wong, R.W.K.; Rabie, B.M.
Dec-2013Appliance-induced osteopenia of dentoalveolar bone in the rat: Effect of reduced bone strains on serum bone markers and the multifunctional hormone leptinVinoth, J.K. ; Patel, K.J.; Lih, W.-S.; Seow, Y.-S.; Cao, T. ; Meikle, M.C. 
2008Cultured human periodontal ligament cells constitutively express multiple osteotropic cytokines and growth factors, several of which are responsive to mechanical deformationPinkerton, M.N.; Wescott, D.C.; Gaffey, B.J.; Beggs, K.T.; Milne, T.J.; Meikle, M.C. 
2009Dudley buxtonMeikle, M.C. 
2015Engineering the periodontal ligament in hyaluronan-gelatin-type i collagen constructs: Upregulation of apoptosis and alterations in gene expression by cyclic compressive strainSaminathan, Aarthi ; Sriram, G; Vinoth, Jayasaleen Kumar Umar ; Cao, Tong ; Meikle, Murray C 
Dec-2013Engineering three-dimensional constructs of the periodontal ligament in hyaluronan-gelatin hydrogel films and a mechanically active environmentSaminathan, A.; Vinoth, K.J. ; Low, H.H.; Cao, T. ; Meikle, M.C. 
2009Induction of osteopenia during experimental tooth movement in the rat: Alveolar bone remodelling and the mechanostat theoryMilne, T.J.; Ichim, I.; Patel, B.; McNaughton, A.; Meikle, M.C. 
2008Northcroft Memorial Lecture 2007. A century of progress: Advances in orthodontics since the Foundation of the British Society for the study of orthodonticsMeikle, M.C. 
2007Osteogenic gene expression by human periodontal ligament cells under cyclic tensionWescott, D.C.; Pinkerton, M.N.; Gaffey, B.J.; Beggs, K.T.; Milne, T.J.; Meikle, M.C. 
2013Re-examination of 'Einige Beiträge zur Theorie der Zahnregulierung' (Some contributions to the theory of the regulation of teeth) published in 1904-1905 by Carl SandstedtBister, D.; Meikle, M.C. 
1-Oct-2013Short periods of cyclic mechanical strain enhance triple-supplement directed osteogenesis and bone nodule formation by human embryonic stem cells in vitroLi, M.; Li, X.; Meikle, M.C. ; Islam, I. ; Cao, T. 
2012The effect of cyclic mechanical strain on the expression of adhesion-related genes by periodontal ligament cells in two-dimensional cultureSaminathan, A.; Vinoth, K.J. ; Wescott, D.C.; Pinkerton, M.N.; Milne, T.J.; Cao, T. ; Meikle, M.C.