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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2012Carbon outcomes of major land-cover transitions in SE Asia: Great uncertainties and REDD+ policy implicationsZiegler, A.D.; Phelps, J.; Yuen, J.Q.; Webb, E.L. ; Lawrence, D.; Fox, J.M.; Bruun, T.B.; Leisz, S.J.; Ryan, C.M.; Dressler, W.; Mertz, O.; Pascual, U.; Padoch, C.; Koh, L.P.
2018Combined Landsat and L-band SAR data improves land cover classification and change detection in dynamic tropical landscapesDe Alban, J.D.T ; Connette, G.M; Oswald, P; Webb, E.L 
22-Mar-2012Conservation: Work together to crack wildlife tradePhelps, J.; Bickford, D.P. ; Webb, E.L. 
2013Cross-shore gradients of physical disturbance in mangroves: Implications for seedling establishmentBalke, T.; Bouma, T.J.; Herman, P.M.J.; Horstman, E.M.; Sudtongkong, C.; Webb, E.L. 
2014Deforestation in the Ayeyarwady Delta and the conservation implications of an internationally-engaged MyanmarWebb, E.L. ; Jachowski, N.R.A.; Phelps, J.; Friess, D.A. ; Than, M.M.; Ziegler, A.D.
Dec-2013Developing a spatially-explicit, sustainable and risk-based insurance scheme to mitigate human-wildlife conflictChen, S.; Yi, Z.-F.; Campos-Arceiz, A.; Chen, M.-Y.; Webb, E.L. 
2012Development and characterization of 15 polymorphic microsatellite loci in Sonneratia alba (Lythraceae) using next-generation sequencingShinmura, Y.; Wee, A.K.S.; Takayama, K.; Asakawa, T.; Yllano, O.B.; Salmo III, S.G.; Ardli, E.R.; Tung, N.X.; Malekal, N.B.; Onrizal; Meenakshisundaram, S.H.; Sungkaew, S.; Saleh, M.N.; Adjie, B.; Soe, K.K.; Oguri, E.; Murakami, N.; Watano, Y.; Baba, S.; Webb, E.L. ; Kajita, T.
2013Development of 11 polymorphic microsatellite markers for Xylocarpus granatum (Meliaceae) using next-generation sequencing technologyTomizawa, Y.; Shinmura, Y.; Wee, A.K.S.; Takayama, K.; Asakawa, T.; Yllano, O.B.; Salmo III, S.G.; Ardli, E.R.; Tung, N.X.; Binti Malekal, N.; Onrizal; Meenakshisundaram, S.H.; Sungkaew, S.; Bin Saleh, M.N.; Adjie, B.; Soe, K.K.; Oguri, E.; Murakami, N.; Watano, Y.; Baba, S.; Webb, E.L. ; Kajita, T.
May-2013Dispersal limitation, speciation, environmental filtering and niche differentiation influence forest tree communities in West PolynesiaFranklin, J.; Keppel, G.; Webb, E.L. ; Seamon, J.O.; Rey, S.J.; Steadman, D.W.; Wiser, S.K.; Drake, D.R.
16-Apr-2010Does REDD + Threaten to recentralize forest governance?Phelps, J.; Webb, E.L. ; Agrawal, A.
2018Dramatic cropland expansion in Myanmar following political reforms threatens biodiversityZhang, Y ; Prescott, G.W ; Tay, R.E; Dickens, B.L ; Webb, E.L ; Htun, S; Tizard, R.J; Rao, M ; Carrasco, L.R 
20-Apr-2012Environment-friendly reform in MyanmarWebb, E.L. ; Phelps, J.; Friess, D.A. ; Rao, M.; Ziegler, A.D.
1-Jan-2019Evidence of genetic connectivity between fragmented pig populations in a tropical urban city-stateKoh, Joshua J-M; RHEINDT, FRANK ERWIN ; NG YING XIN, ELIZE ; WEBB,EDWARD LAYMAN 
Jan-2014Factors Affecting Tropical Tree Damage and Survival after Catastrophic Wind DisturbanceWebb, E.L. ; van de Bult, M.; Fa'aumu, S.; Webb, R.C.; Tualaulelei, A.; Carrasco, L.R. 
1-Jan-2019First photographic record of the Rusty-spotted Cat Prionailurus rubiginosus (I. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1831) (Mammalia: Carnivora: Felidae) in Horton Plains National Park, Sri LankaNimalrathna, TS; CHOO YAN RU ; Kudavidanage, EP; Amarasinghe, TR; Bandara, UGSI; Wanninayaka, WACL; Ravindrakumar, P; CHUA AIK HWEE MARCUS ; WEBB,EDWARD LAYMAN 
Jul-2011Frequent, low-amplitude disturbances drive high tree turnover rates on a remote, cyclone-prone Polynesian islandWebb, E.L. ; Seamon, J.O.; Fa'aumu, S.
2015Genetic differentiation and phylogeography of partially sympatric species complex Rhizophora mucronata Lam. and R. stylosa Griff. using SSR markers Phylogenetics and phylogeographyWee, A.K.S.; Takayama, Koji; Chua, Loo Jasher ; Asakawa, Takeshi; Meenakshisundaram, Sankararamasubramanian; Onrizal; Adjie, Bayu; Ardli, Erwin Riyanto Iyanto; Sungkaew, Sarawood; Malekal, Norhaslinda Binti Inti; Tung, Nguyenxuan; Salmo III, Severino G.; Yllano, Orlex Baylen Aylen; Salmo III, Severino G.; Soe, Khin Khin Hin; Tateishi, Yoichi; Watano, Yasuyuki; Baba, Shigeyuki; Webb, Edward L. ; Kajita, Tadashi
2017Global economic trade-offs between wild nature and tropical agricultureCarrasco L.R. ; Webb E.L. ; Symes W.S.; Koh L.P.; Sodhi N.S. 
18-Dec-2013High genetic diversity in a potentially vulnerable tropical tree species despite extreme habitat lossNoreen, A.M.E.; Webb, E.L. 
Dec-2009Home gardening for tropical biodiversity conservationWebb, E.L. ; Kabir, M.E.