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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995The architecture and allometry of mangrove saplingsTurner, I.M. ; Gong, W.K.; Ong, J.E.; Bujang, J.S.; Kohyama, T.
1996The conservation value of small, isolated fragments of lowland tropical rain forestTurner, I.M. ; Corlett, R.T. 
1996The correct name for Grewia hirsuta (Tiliaceae)Cheek, M.; Turner, I. 
1998The ecology of very small-seeded shade-tolerant trees and shrubs in lowland rain forest in SingaporeMetcalfe, D.J.; Grubb, P.J.; Turner, I.M. 
Mar-1993The effect of fertilizer application on dipterocarp seedling growth and mycorrhizal infectionTurner, I.M. ; Brown, N.D.; Newton, A.C.
1998The identity of Villarsia aurantiaca Ridl. ex C. B. Clarke (Menyanthaceae) in the Malay PeninsulaCheek, M.; Turner, I.M. 
1990The initial responses of some tropical rain forest tree seedlings to a large gap environmentTurner, I.M. ; Newton, A.C.
1994The photosynthetic performance of six early successional tropical tree speciesTan, G.C.H.; Ong, B.L. ; Turner, I.M. 
1990The seedling survivorship and growth of three Shorea species in a Malaysian tropical rain forestTurner, I.M. 
1994The taxonomy and ecology of the vascular plant flora of Singapore: A statistical analysisTurner, I.M. 
Mar-2000Tree leaf form in Brunei: A heath forest and a mixed dipterocarp forest comparedTurner, I.M. ; Lucas, P.W.; Becker, P.; Wong, S.C.; Yong, J.W.H.; Choong, M.F.; Tyree, M.T.
1990Tree seedling growth and survival in a Malaysian rain forestTurner, I.M. 
1997Tree species richness in primary and old secondary tropical forest in SingaporeTurner, I.M. ; Wong, Y.K.; Chew, P.T.; Bin Ibrahim, A.
1995Vegetation analysis, leaf structure and nutrient status of a Malaysian heath communityTurner, I.M. ; Ong, B.L. ; Tan, H.T.W.