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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Outdoor mean radiant temperature estimation in the tropical urban environmentTan, C.L.; Wong, N.H.; Jusuf, S.K. 
2012Simulation of the impact of climate change on the current building's residential envelope thermal transfer value (ETTV) regulation in SingaporeWong, N.H. ; Jusuf, S.K. ; Syafii, N.I.; Li, W.H.; Tan, A.Y.K.
2012STEVE tool: Bridging the gap between urban climatology research and urban planning processJusuf, S.K. ; Wong, N.H. ; Tan, C.L. ; Tan, A.Y.K.
2006Study on effect of greenery in campus areaJusuf, S.K. ; Hien, W.N. ; La Win, A.A.; Thu, H.K.; Negara, T.S.; Wu, X.
2010Study on the microclimate condition along a green pedestrian canyon in SingaporeWong, N.H. ; Jusuf, S.K. 
2012The study of variation in Gross Building Coverage Ratio on estate-level outdoor ventilationLee, R.X.; Wong, N.H. ; Tan, A.Y.K.; Jusuf, S.K. 
2013Thermal comfort in outdoor urban spaces in SingaporeYang, W.; Wong, N.H. ; Jusuf, S.K. 
2011Urban climatic map and STEVE tool for sustainable urban planning in SingaporeJusuf, S.K. ; Wong, N.H. ; Tan, C.L. 
2013Urban heat island and mitigation strategies at city and building levelWong, W.H.; Jusuf, S.K. 
2011Urban morphology and temperature mapping comparative study: Case study: Singapore's commercial areaWong, N.H. ; Jusuf, S.K. ; Samsudin, R. ; Ignatius, M.