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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Sclerosing Polycystic Adenosis of Salivary Glands: A Review with Some Emphasis on Intraductal Epithelial ProliferationsPetersson, F. 
Jun-2011Sclerosing Polycystic Adenosis of the Parotid Gland: Report of a Bifocal, Paucicystic Variant with Ductal Carcinoma in situ and Pronounced Stromal Distortion Mimicking Invasive CarcinomaPetersson, F. ; Tan, P.H.; Hwang, J.S.-G.
Sep-2013Sinonasal blue naevus: Case report and clinicopathological reviewLim, L.M.; Tan, K.B. ; Petersson, F. ; Thong, M. 
Mar-2012Spiradenocarcinoma with low-grade basal cell adenocarcinoma pattern: Report of a case with varied morphology and wild type TP53Petersson, F. ; Nga, M.E. 
18-May-2014The leiomyomatous stroma in renal cell carcinomas is polyclonal and not part of the neoplastic processPetersson, F. ; Branzovsky, J.; Martinek, P.; Korabecna, M.; Kruslin, B.; Hora, M.; Peckova, K.; Bauleth, K.; Pivovarcikova, K.; Michal, M.; Svajdler, M.; Sperga, M.; Bulimbasic, S.; Leroy, X.; Rychly, B.; Trivunic, S.; Kokoskova, B.; Rotterova, P.; Podhola, M.; Suster, S.; Hes, O.
Oct-2013Three-tesla MRI biphasic angiography: A method for preoperative assessment of the vascular supply in renal tumours-a surgical perspectiveHora, M.; Stránský, P.; Trávníček, I.; Ürge, T.; Eret, V.; Kreuzberg, B.; Baxa, J.; Mírka, H.; Petersson, F. ; Hes, O.; Ferda, J.
Jan-2011Thymoma with nuclear expression of thyroid transcription factor-1: A potential diagnostic pitfall on core biopsyYan, B.; Seng, S.C.; Petersson, F. 
Jun-2011Tubulocystic renal carcinoma: A clinical perspectiveHora, M.; Ürge, T.; Eret, V.; Stránský, P.; Klečka, J.; Kreuzberg, B.; Ferda, J.; Hyršl, L.; Breza, J.; Holečková, P.; Mego, M.; Michal, M.; Petersson, F. ; Hes, O.
Feb-2013Tubulocystic renal cell carcinoma: Is there a rational reason for targeted therapy using angiogenic inhibition? Analysis of seven casesSteiner, P.; Hora, M.; Stehlik, J.; Martinek, P.; Vanecek, T.; Petersson, F. ; Michal, M.; Korabecna, M.; Travnicek, I.; Hes, O.